The Catholic Church makes a false claim to authority

Ascended Master Jesus, October 1, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Living Jesus Christ and I come at precisely 11:11 in the morning to signal that this is the eleven o’clock line for the continent of Europe. And the eleven o’clock line is indeed the line of victory. Thus, I, Jesus, desire to see an awakening on this continent, whereby the people will realize that there is a Living Christ beyond the dead Christ that they have been presented by the dead churches for so long.

Therefore, I AM here to pronounce the judgment upon the dead Christian churches, wherever they are found, in all corners of the world. But especially on this continent of Europe, where indeed modern Christianity as you know it was hatched as a plot by those who wanted to stop the fulfillment of my plan for the Piscean Age! And thus, they merged the Roman state with the emerging Christian Church, a Church that had already departed from my true teachings by becoming so focused on the crucifixion, the suffering and the consciousness of Peter—who, although he had the opportunity to be reborn and enter the true path, denied me before men three times and therefore squandered that opportunity.

Enough of the false path of anti-christ!

And thus, the Roman Catholic Church – who claims to have authority as the true Christian Church because it is based on Peter as the first Pope – makes an entirely false claim, when it claims that Peter could represent Christ. Peter did indeed represent the false path, the path that seemeth right unto a man because it is convenient and does not require you to step up higher, to step outside of the box of your comfortability. Thus, from its very inception, the Roman Catholic Church has denied the essential aspect of the path to Christhood, namely that you are willing to enter the Path of Life and leave behind the path of death and the consciousness of death.

And this consciousness of death, disguised as the true path and the true Church of Christ, has indeed been hanging over this European continent now for 1,700 years. And I, Jesus Christ, have had enough of it! And thus, I am looking for those who have also had enough of it and who will choose to be my mouthpieces and give witnesses to the truth that there is a Living Christ and a living path behind the dead path that has been presented by Christian churches, going all the way back to the Roman empire. But also through the Protestant churches who claimed to have corrected the errors of the Catholic Church but never went back to the very inception of the Catholic Church and realized that you cannot be on the path of Christ if you deny Christ before men and if you refuse to come up higher and leave behind the death consciousness.

Thus, the eternal question, presented by the Living Christ is, “Will you choose life or will you choose death? Will you continue to choose death or will you leave behind the consciousness of death and be reborn into the consciousness of life, that the Living Christ bestows upon all, as his body and blood that is broken for all who are willing to take it?”

Thus, the question to ask yourself is, “Am I alive in a spiritual sense? Or am I still weighted down by some aspect of the death consciousness that then makes me feel burdened, overwhelmed, focused on myself or whatever it may be?” I ask you who are here and all who might hear or read this, to take a minute to center in your heart and ask yourself that question. “Am I really alive right now? Am I fully alive?” Or is there an entirely new level of life that I perhaps have glimpsed but have not yet internalized and become? So my beloved, ask yourself this question honestly, “Am I fully alive?”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

Copyright © 2006 Kim Michaels