The Catholic Church is based on idolatry

Ascended Master Jesus, February 11, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, do you seriously believe, that the preacher who roamed the hills of Galilee – who withdrew into the hills of Galilee in order to get away from the mental boxes of the Jewish religion – do you seriously believe, that I would have wanted them to create a mental box out of the religion I came to start, and create a structure such as this, that has absolutely no reality to it? There is nothing in here that takes your thoughts, your heart, towards God. It takes you towards a man-made image, a graven image, an idol.

And that is precisely the entire idea and consciousness behind this structure—to create something that occupies your attention here on earth, gives you a ritual, gives you a structure, that takes your attention away from what: the one thing where the Kingdom of God can be found, the kingdom of God within you, the opening within your own heart, where you are not allowed to go. For you are supposed to follow the outer rules of the structure, that is set up here by this organization, that claims to be the only true Church that represents me on earth. But it represents nothing more than the unwillingness of human beings to surrender their mortal lives into the reality of Christ. They are seeking to save their lives; they are not willing to give up their lives for my sake. And thus, as I have said before, those who deny me before men, those must I deny before the father.

Not that I deny them or that I want to deny them, but that obviously those who have not internalized the Christ light – who have not surrendered the ego and the human consciousness – well, obviously they cannot enter the doorway to the ascension. For they cannot leave behind them their graven images, their mortal sense of self, that they think can be somehow perfected, or was somehow perfected by the sacrifice of my own physical body on the cross 2,000 years ago. How this makes any sense to anyone is a mystery, that even I ponder, even though I know exactly the ability of the human mind, the duality consciousness, to seemingly make sense out of the nonsensical.

Nevertheless, one must wonder when sufficient numbers will wake up and demand a change, will simply refuse to believe these old doctrines and dogmas—and will finally say: Let us go back and look at where they came from, let us look at the people who managed to insert these toxic ideas into the Christian Church. And then, let us use our Christ discernment and out hearts to determine, what is in accordance with the vision of Christ and what is not. And then let us decide to root out that which is found to be wanting, that which is not in accordance with the reality of my mission and vision.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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