Suffering is not necessary

Ascended Master Presence of Victory, July 3, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

Their mistake is to think that the suffering was necessary. Yet the suffering only comes from an attachment. Something that makes you attached, so that you cannot let go of the former self and take that giant leap to the next plateau. For truly, to let go you must be willing to let your former sense of self die. And if you will look at Jesus’ life without the glasses of idolatry, you will see that he faced the exact same decisions that you will face.

And even when he was hanging on the cross, he was faced with a decision. And in his mind, he had an expectation of what should happen, and suddenly he realized that that expectation would not be fulfilled, because God would not come and save him. And at that moment Jesus realized that he would have to die on the cross. And for some brief moments, even Jesus hung on to the physical life. And then, finally, he surrendered, and he gave up the ghost of his former expectation. He let his body die on the cross, as a symbol for letting a part of your ego die on the cross. And because he was willing to let the former state die, he was reborn into the resurrection, that is the eternal life.

This is the process you must follow when you realize that Jesus was the example, the wayshower, and not the idol to be worshiped. And I can assure you, that the decisions you face will be no more or no less difficult than the decisions faced by Jesus. So many think it was easy for him. But if you read the scriptures carefully, you will see that it was far from easy. And you can take some comfort in that, and realize that it is a difficult decision, but that it can be done.

And you can even take some comfort in saying, “But I can learn from Jesus’ example. I can learn that if I can tune in to the love from Above, then I do not have to feel attached to the former. I can let it die without resistance, without a struggle.” And the less attachment you feel, the more willing you are to come to that point of saying, “I recognize I have come to a turning point where I need to rise higher, and I need to let go of this old self.”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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