Stopping just before the goal is reached

Ascended Master El Morya, October 21, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

When you look at the pyramid, the Great Pyramid at Giza, you will see that the King’s Chamber is two-thirds of the height of the pyramid from the base. And the two-thirds mark is the level where the Christ is meant to appear. What I am trying to explain to you here is that a substantial number of people in the New Age movement have come very close to that two-thirds mark.

Yet instead of pushing harder and going above it, where the Christ starts appearing in their being, they have somehow come to believe in a fallacy of the ego, in an illusion of the ego. And they have stood still, they have stagnated. And they are standing there and they are spinning their wheels. And some of them are moving hard and working hard, but they are getting nowhere, for they are not willing to raise their vision to see what will it take to come over that hump and enter into the light of Christ. And the reason they have not done this is that there is some illusion of the ego that they are still attached to, that they are not willing to question, that they are not willing to look in the mirror and see, “Oh, I have this problem. I am the one that needs to overcome it.”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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