Spiritual movements and individual expression

Ascended Master Jesus, December 31, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

And thus you see, my beloved, a spiritual movement must give people the room to grow in different ways, in their different tempos. For not everyone is the same, and so it is a goal to have in mind, that you create a movement that has a high degree of tolerance. Where you allow different people to be who they are, and allow them to express themselves freely, without putting any restraints upon them.

But of course, you must also balance this by realizing that there is a distinction to be made. And the distinction to be made is very simply this: consider my statement that unless you become as little children, you cannot enter the kingdom. What is the characteristic of children? It is that they desire to express themselves. And sometimes you can look at a child and you realize, that their expression is not mature. But you do not go in and chastise the child, you allow them to express this, because to know that as the child grows, it will grow out of this.

Of course, you also look at the little children and you see, that sometimes they will express themselves in a way that creates conflict between one child and another. Or you see one child that seeks to dominate other children, even to deliberately hurt other children. And in that case, of course, you step in as the parent and bring an end to this. Because you realize that the child cannot stop itself, so you as the parent must then set the limits and say: “You cannot go beyond this!” Simply because you realize, that this is not the child’s highest potential.

So you see, I am not here saying that you need to have a spiritual movement where anyone can come and express negative, or hateful, or destructive viewpoint towards other people. For of course, if you allow any free expression, you will see that there will be those people who come in who are so trapped in the duality consciousness, that they will attempt to turn your spiritual movement into just another extension of the dualistic power struggle.

They will come in with an agenda to dominate, to control, or even to put other people down. And this, of course, cannot be, in a spiritual movement that has the goal of working towards the oneness of the members. You see my beloved, you cannot take an extreme position, whereas on the one side you see the traditional Christian churches that disallow any free expression. But you cannot jump into the other extreme and say you should allow any free expression. Because either way you will not create true oneness.

You can create true oneness only when you are dealing with people, who understand the need to find the consciousness of the child.

Where you are willing to freely express what you feel, but you are also willing to listen for those who can take the role of a parent, because they have more experience or more understanding. And can therefore guide you and set a limit and say: “Now, I think you are expressing something that is not truly an expression of a desire for oneness, and I think you could do better than this.”

And so you see, it is a delicate balance. And what so many people desire, and what the ego desires more than anything, is that we of the ascended masters come in and say: here we have a clearly defined movement. This has clearly defined doctrines, clearly defined rules. And if you do this, and if you don’t do that, then you are guaranteed to be saved.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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