Speaking without fear

Ascended Master Jesus, January 4, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

And how can you communicate such a spiritual message? Only when you speak from the heart, my beloved, for only then will you speak without fear. And, of course, you must then come to a point where you have attained non-attachment to other people’s reactions.

For you see, my beloved, why is the sixth ray, the ray of service and peace? It is simply because you cannot give true service to life unless you are fully at peace. Only when you are at peace can you remain centered in the heart no matter what other people send at you. And only then can you speak from the heart. And only when you speak from the heart, can you shock people out of their present state of consciousness and demonstrate to them that there is real hope of rising above that state of consciousness.

You see, my beloved, when you respond in kind when people are unkind to you, you only affirm to them their subtle belief – often unconscious – that the world is a negative place filled with negative people. How will they then escape negativity, no matter how well you might argue at the intellectual level? So you must show them unconditional love by turning the other cheek. Whereby I mean not responding by speaking to them with the same vibration that they speak to you—even if they seek to ridicule your beliefs or yourself or your very life.

If you respond in kind or if you become defensive, you only confirm to them that there is nothing beyond that state of the dualistic struggle. But when you turn the other cheek by not responding in kind – by speaking from the heart, whatever that entails, be it tough love or gentle love – well then you shock them into thinking. And when they start thinking, my beloved, well then there is the real possibility that they will realize there is something beyond.

Maybe it takes many demonstrations, many encounters with you and other people who are speaking from the heart. But there are very, very, very few people on this planet who could not be touched by continually encountering people who speak from the heart. And you do not need to worry about the people who cannot be touched, for the law of God and the angels of Archangel Michael will take care of them in due time, taking them to a place where they might receive a different kind of opportunity than they have received on this planet, so that they will not weigh down the planet. And indeed, you will bring about that judgment of these souls if you let them rail against you and persecute you for my sake.

Speak from a state of peace

So therefore, do you see how – in order to speak from the heart, and continue to speak from the heart – you must be at peace? And you can be at peace only when you are non-attached to other people’s reactions and responses. And that non-attachment I demonstrated by speaking out in front of the high and the mighty and the low and the humble of my time, and letting them do whatever they wished to do with me, even nail me to that cross and kill my physical body. For did I not demonstrate that non-attachment by saying, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And so, you can come to that point yourself, that point of inner peace, of knowing that whatever people to do you, you will simply be non-attached; you will ask God to forgive them. And then, you will give up any ghost – the ghost represented by their consciousness – and rise above it. For you will not allow them to prevent your self-transcendence into ever higher levels of Christ consciousness.

Do you see, when you look at my life as Jesus, that I spoke in many different ways, my beloved? Sometimes I spoke softly and gently. Sometimes I was challenging and in people’s faces, as they say. And other times I spoke as you hear me speak now, “For he spoke not as the scribes; he spoke with authority.”

I will suggest that you first practice speaking gently. But I strongly suggest that you do not limit yourself – or rather your higher being expressing itself through you – to always speaking gently. Instead, you work on coming to the point, where you are so non-attached that you can let your higher being speak through you in any way the situation warrants, where you do not analyze with the outer mind what to say or how to say it to a certain person, but you do as Mother Mary explained. You surrender; you empty yourself—and you let the Spirit fill you. For did I not say to my disciples, “Take no thought for what ye shall say, it shall be given unto you.” And so when you come to that point, my beloved, then the Spirit will speak through you.

How do you know when the Spirit is speaking?

The question, of course, that many of you are asking yourselves is, “Well how do I get to that point? How do I know when it is the Spirit speaking through me and when it is not?”

Well, my beloved, here is the simple equation that so many people have failed to understand. You get to the point where the Spirit will always speak through you by being willing to speak out, even if you are wrong or not at the highest vibration. You see, my beloved, there are two kinds of students that we, as spiritual teachers, face. There are those who say, “Oh Lord, I will do anything you ask—when I have become perfect and cannot make a mistake. So you, Lord, should take me to that point of perfection, and then I will do anything you ask.”

But you see, it cannot be done that way, my beloved. For how do you attain mastery? Well, as the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” If you are not willing to practice, you cannot learn, my beloved. If you are not willing to speak out based on the understanding and the attainment you have today, then you are not multiplying your talents, are you? And if you are not multiplying your talents, you will not rise to a higher level of consciousness, and thus you cannot receive MORE from the Spirit.

Those who are the best servants, my beloved, are not those who work for perfection. They are the other kind of students who say, “I am willing to multiply what you have given me thus far. I am willing to speak out based on my understanding. It may be hurtful. I may be ridiculed by others. I may even come to the realization that I have been naive or had a partial understanding.” Or, as one person expressed the other day, that “I have been wrong so many times in speaking out.” But you have a right to speak out at your present level of awareness and understanding—and then learn from that, because that is the way to progress faster on the path, my beloved.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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