Revolution must come from the people

Ascended Master MORE, October 26, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

For you will not wake up one morning and see the London Times have a big headline about the possibility of changing society by changing people’s individual consciousness. For surely, the establishment, the government and all aspects of society are more rigid and less fluid than the people themselves. That is why true revolution must come from below.

It has always been so. For you will see that the greatest revolutionary in the western world was Jesus himself, who brought forth a teaching that was completely revolutionary compared to what the people believed in Israel at the time of his appearance there. Who were the people that accepted Jesus? Was it the temple priests and the scribes and the Pharisees? No, my beloved. For those who are in charge of the current system have always entered an unholy alliance of being those who first and foremost want to preserve that system. For they want to preserve their positions of privilege and power. So it is always among the people that you have to look for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear a new revolutionary idea.

It is exactly the same today. You look back at Jesus’ life and you look at how few people he contacted in his lifetime. Yet you see the changes that have come about in western society as a result of the ideas he brought forth. You could look at the end of his lifetime and say he accomplished little in the physical. But he did indeed accomplish what he came to accomplish, which was to start the process of changing people’s consciousness.

In today’s world we have a very different situation than the one faced by Jesus, and there are two main reasons for this. Number One is that in the Piscean age, it was necessary that there was only one person who was the representative of Christ on earth. For the consciousness of the people was so low, that there were not very many people on earth at that time who could manifest and demonstrate personal Christhood. That has changed, for over the past 2,000 years, many, many people have volunteered to embody specifically to build your Christhood and build that Christhood at the present time, where it was the plan and the Will of God that many people should step forward and demonstrate that Christhood.

So there are indeed many people in embodiment who are very, very close to manifesting and expressing their Christhood. Some are doing so without knowing it, without having the words to put on what they are doing. But others just need that little bit of an awakening, that when they find a teaching that rings true in their hearts, then they know it and they feel that they have come home.

The other condition that is different today, compared to Jesus’ time, is of course the means of communication that are so much better today. And this means that there is a potential, that when the people who are ready to manifest Christhood step forward and do so, they can communicate their ideas, they can express their Christhood in a way that can spread much further than what you saw in Jesus’ lifetime. Indeed, you also have the added advantage that those who express their Christhood in this age will not be nailed to the cross after three years and thus be taken off the earth. You can stay here as the representatives of the Living Christ for the rest of your natural life-span. Some of you even beyond the life-span that would be natural if you did not express your Christhood.

What is unreal has no power over what is real

Despite the fact that you feel the weight of the mass consciousness, that you feel the inertia of the mass consciousness, that you feel the opposition both from the mass consciousness of the people and the elite – who will use all means available to them to stop a revolutionary change in Britain and elsewhere – well, despite you feeling this weight, I must tell you that it is all unreality. For you see, my beloved, the basic truth about life is that that which is unreal has no power over that which is real.

The only thing that is required is a change in consciousness, where you realize you have the spark of reality, the spark of divinity, within your being. You can connect to it and when you do, you will know that no matter what they do to you in the physical, they have no power over you. Was that not what you saw in Jesus? Where despite the fact that they mistreated him, tortured him and nailed him to a cross, they had no real power over him. They could not stop his Oneness with God.

The Will of God is that the people are awakened to the fact that so much in their present society is based on unreality. Not only in Britain, of course, but in every nation on earth. But given where we are, let us take a look at British society. Is there indeed anything that is real? Well, there are indeed many things that are real in British society, but often that which is real has been cleverly mixed in with that which is unreal, to the point where it has formed a new construct where the seeds of reality are like diamonds that have been embedded in the lead of unreality. And thus, people either cannot tell the difference or they think that the diamonds of reality – that they see sparkle – must of necessity be embedded in the lead of unreality. And thus they feel it is hopeless to separate the two.

Nothing is hopeless—nothing whatsoever. Nothing is hopeless for those who are willing to change themselves. And I must assure you, that even though you sometimes feel alone, there are millions more who are also willing to change. They just have not yet made that conscious contact with their own inner being, with the higher reality within themselves, that you have made. And that is why they could use examples and teachers, who are not afraid to stand up and express that there is a higher reality, that there is such a thing as reality beyond the unreality of duality, where everything is so mixed in that you cannot tell the difference. Or that you think one cannot exist without the other, for you think that the diamonds form one polarity and they must have an opposite polarity which is the unreality. So you think the two are in a dualistic relationship.

Yet the real essence of the message of Christ is that there is a fundamental difference between God reality and the dualistic “reality” that is in a polarity with unreality. There is something beyond, and that something is the reality in your own Being that Jesus described as the key of knowledge. Why “the key?” Because it is the key that gives you access to the kingdom within you. And thus, when more people are alerted to the reality that the kingdom is within them – and they are willing to look for that kingdom in themselves – well then you will see a change in the individuals. And as more and more individuals are awakened to this, you will begin to see a cumulative effect spread through the collective consciousness.

The collective consciousness is easy to change

The collective consciousness might seem to be very rigid and inflexible, but this is in reality an illusion. The collective consciousness is very soft and very pliable, and it will naturally gravitate or be pulled in any direction, where a strong enough force exerts a pull on it. And what you see right now is that for a very long time, the collective consciousness of Britain has been pulled downward by the false trinity of the very consciousness that is still represented by the monarchy, the class system and the Church of England. And this has been happening for so long, that the people think this is the only force that they recognize. And that is why the collective consciousness seems to be rigid. But I tell you that the moment another force emerges and gains critical mass, well, instantly you will see the mass consciousness be shifted and pulled towards the stronger force.

Look at the iron filings that you spread out on a piece of paper, and look at it as a representation of the mass consciousness. Now you put a magnet underneath the paper, and gradually the iron filings will start being pulled towards the magnet. Some will be pulled directly to the magnet, others will be aligned to the magnetic field itself. Yet now take a stronger magnet on the opposite side of the paper, and is there some magic force that will keep the iron filings at the weaker magnet?

No, my beloved, they will immediately shift towards the stronger force, and so it is with the mass consciousness. Because the mass consciousness really has no will of its own. That is why it feels as if the people do not want to change. They want to just complain about those who oppress them. They do not want to take responsibility for themselves and their nation. Well, does that not show you, that these people are simply so overwhelmed by the mass consciousness, that they have surrendered their individual wills to the mass consciousness? You might think that the mass consciousness has some kind of will, but it really is not so. It has inertia, but the mass consciousness should not be confused with an actual non-physical entity such as a demon, a discarnate, a mass entity or a fallen being. For the mass consciousness has very little sense of individual existence and thus has very little will power. It is always pulled in the direction of a will that is stronger than its own.

The reality that I want to impress upon you, is that the people themselves are not actually resisting a change in consciousness, a change in society. They are simply gravitating towards the strongest force that pulls upon them. And when the spiritual people, the top 10 percent of the most spiritually aware people, have enough of a united vision, that they can exert a force that is stronger than the united – and in many cases not so united – vision of the lowest 10 percent, well then – instantly – the people will start shifting. It can be no other way, my beloved.

This, then, should give you great hope, for some of you have the sense that even though you are spiritual people, you feel hopeless to change the consciousness of the population at large, because they seem so stuck in the old patterns. But what is it that you see in the people? Is it not that they are not willing to take responsibility and start with themselves? Well, will you not then look in the mirror and see, that many of you still have a remnant of that consciousness in your own Being. You feel like you want to make an effort, you want to play a part in bringing forth a better society and a Golden Age, but you still think that the bringing forth of that Golden Age depends on how other people respond rather than how YOU respond?

That is the lie, the lie that is embedded in the mass consciousness: that someone else must make the decision, someone else must do it for us. Jesus must come and save us, the king must rule the nation, the Church must tell us what to believe about God, the government and the ruling elite must take care of all practical matters in society, for it is too complicated for us to understand and deal with. I am not here trying to make you feel guilty. I am simply trying to give you the realistic assessment, that part of being the forerunners for a shift in consciousness is that you have all volunteered to take on certain facets of the mass consciousness—and transmute them in your own Being. And when you do so, you will make the best contribution you can make to producing a shift in the collective consciousness.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

Copyright © 2007 Kim Michaels