Representing Jesus on earth

Ascended Master Jesus, December 31, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

There are so many things in the world that can divide people. And once they become adamant about a certain viewpoint, then you can notice what happens. When people become convinced that they are right, or that there is only one right viewpoint, they become very serious. And thus, their joy is gone. Yet it is a key to understand, that if your joy is gone, then you have lost touch with the Lord Jesus Christ. You cannot be a true disciple of Jesus Christ and not have joy. For I AM joy, and I came to bring joy to the world.

Certainly, I understand that when you are in physical embodiment, it is difficult to maintain joy. You will see when you look at my life, described in the Scriptures, that I was not a particularly joyful person in that embodiment. And this is, indeed, because in my last embodiment before my ascension, I was having to work through the entire planetary momentum of anti-joy.

And certainly, there are many of you who are likewise working through the anti-thesis to the God flame that you came to bring to earth. And that is why you sometimes feel yourself dealing with certain burdens, or find it difficult to express joy, love, purity or whatever your God flame is. So I am not telling you this, that you need to feel burdened by it, or need to start another guilt trip, among the many other guilt trips that a floating around in the mass consciousness, simply looking for someone upon which they can land.

You do not need to let any of these guilt trips land upon you. But I do want you to know, that if you consider yourself to be a true disciple of Christ, it is important to recognize that what I came to bring to the world was the flame of unconditional joy. And thus, if you find yourself thinking that you are doing the work of Christ, or that you are taking a stand for Christ, or that you are expressing Christ truth, but at the same time you feel no joy in doing so, then it would be wise for you to step back and say: “Can I really be a true disciple of Christ, a true representative of Christ, if I am not able to be the open door for the very flame that Christ came to bring to the world?”

You see, my beloved, to truly step up to a higher level of representing Christ, of expressing Christ, it is indeed necessary for you to open your heart to the flame that I am. This is not to say that Jesus and Jesus Christ is the only representative of Christ on earth. You may have another flame, that it is your task and your joy to express to the world. But if you know that you are a disciple of JESUS Christ, then my flame is indeed joy. And so, is it not perfectly natural for you to tune in to that flame and begin to express it?

And so, how can you truly allow yourself to think that you are representing me, if you cannot feel and express to others the flame that I am? Again, this is not said to cause you to feel any kind of guilt, but simply to inspire you to step up higher, to a higher level of service, to a higher level of attunement. Even going beyond attunement to at-onement with who I am. For I desire to be one with all those who are my personal disciples, as any other ascended master desires to be one with his or her disciples.

Do you not see, my beloved, I do not desire to have those on earth who claim to represent Jesus Christ – whether they stand on the pulpit of a Christian Church or in a New Age or spiritual movement – yet at the same time what they are promoting is an image of Christ created in their minds. I desire to have those who can truly represent me, not by promoting an image, but by being the open door, by coming into such oneness with me and my flame, that I can stream through them. And thus, these people who are my true disciples can be a torch of joy, that lights up the world and lights up the hearts of all whom they meet.

My Beloved, joy is indeed a flame that can resolve all conflict. Joy is a flame that does not solve a problem, but it gives you a different perspective, a different frame of reference. And suddenly, the problem no longer seems so serious. And thus, you no of longer look at the problem with such a serious mindset. And suddenly, you see that maybe the problem does not actually need to be solved at the same level of consciousness through which you have looked at it so far. Maybe there is a way to step up, to expand your view, to tune in to a higher flame. And thus, you see that the problem, although it has no linear solution, there is still a way to transcend the problem and the mindset through which the problem seemed to be so serious—or even the mindset through which the problem seemed to be a problem.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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