Receiving the kingdom without dying

Ascended Master Mother Mary, May 2, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

And this does not mean, as many people believe, that after you die your soul will ascend to heaven and then you will inherit the kingdom. No, it means that God wants to give you the kingdom right here on earth because he wants to turn planet earth into his kingdom, where there is no darkness, no evil, no lies, no illusion, no suffering, no pain and no lack of nurturance. Do you see, this truth has been hidden for so many thousands of years because the prince of this world and his henchmen have carefully hidden it, and they have destroyed all teachings, or attempted to destroy all teachings, that have brought out this truth and they have killed all prophets that preach this truth.

You see, they want planet earth for themselves. They want to keep God out of this earth, out of this material universe. They want it to be a place where God is not found. And how can they do this? They can do this only by fooling God’s sons and daughters into believing that it is not possible to have God’s kingdom on earth and that God’s kingdom can only exist in heaven. Thus, they can inherit God’s kingdom only after they leave this planet.

They have even used the magnificent example set by Jesus to come in with subtle lies that make it seem like Jesus had to die on the cross and thus it was only after his death that he was resurrected, and likewise only after your death will you inherit the kingdom of God. Oh my beloved, there are even some New Age teachings that reinforce this view, giving rise to a belief that the goal of life is to make your ascension and that you will make your ascension only after the death of your physical body. But you see, this is a misuse of the teachings we have given. For truly, the goal of life is to ascend but ascension means the ascension to a higher state of consciousness. And you can ascend to a higher state of consciousness right here on earth while you are still in a physical body.

You can ascend by recognizing that the kingdom of God is within you. It is already within you. You can inherit the kingdom right here on earth. You do not have to go to some physical heaven portrayed by some religions. You do not have to go anywhere else because there is only one place to inherit the kingdom of heaven and that is right here. And there is only one time to inherit the kingdom of heaven and that is right now.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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