Overcoming the gray zone

Ascended Master Jesus, April 7, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

I know that there is a point, there is an interim stage, where you are ready at inner levels but your outer mind has not yet acknowledged it, has not yet accepted that you are ready. Your outer mind resists the process of looking in the mirror. I saw this in all of my disciples in the time I spent with them—how they went back and forth, being somewhat willing but not quite willing to allow me to expose to them their own imperfect beliefs.

I understand that you go through a process of trepidation. I do not expect you to – in one day – suddenly be shaken out of it. For you see, my beloved, there is a very important principle that Saint Germain described last night. And that is that we walk a tightrope. For we want to awaken people, but we do not want to awaken them so abruptly that they are devastated or shocked by it and therefore switch from one extreme to the other.

We know very well that you all still need to have some sense of self-esteem. And as long as your sense of self-esteem is based on the things of this world—if we were to expose all of the illusions that you hold, your self-esteem could be shattered and you would feel like you were no good. And this is, indeed, what you see in some people in the Christian movements, who come to the realization that they are miserable sinners.

And what you see is that on one hand these people needed to be awakened, because they were heading in the wrong direction and creating one crisis after another for themselves. But when they fall into the traditional fundamentalist Christian mindset, they switch to the opposite extreme, and now they see themselves as miserable sinners who can never do anything on their own. And they think I am the only one who will save them. They fall prey to the illusion – again – of the outer path presented by the Christian churches, that by the simple measure of declaring Jesus to be your Lord and savior, you need to do nothing else, for now you are saved.

This then causes these people to be no better off than they were before they were converted. For, you see, they are still in the same mindset of not having taken responsibility for themselves, not having taken responsibility for changing their own hearts and minds, so that they can free their minds from all the debris that cannot pass through the screen door.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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