Overcoming the consciousness of death

Ascended Master Portia, April 19, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

This is, indeed, a test that all must face. It is a test that Jesus had to face in order to attain that level of mastery, where he could be the open door for the light of such a high vibration that it could instantly change matter and therefore manifest what people have called the miracles of Christ. They are not miracles in the traditional sense, they are simply the out-picturing of a higher law. For as I said, it is not possible to change the vibration of matter through the dualistic consciousness. As Jesus expressed it, “With Man, this is impossible”—with the manly, the human, the dualistic, the separate, the mortal state of consciousness, it is not possible to change matter through the power of mind.

It is only possible to change matter through the force that can be exercised through the physical realm. And that is why you indeed see medical technology seeking to increase its power to change disease by force, by destroying the disease, even destroying the body in the process. And so, you need to come to that true realization that Jesus came to, towards the end of his training period, the true realization that it – truly, honestly, absolutely, realistically – is possible to change any condition in matter in an instant—when you switch the mind.

What is it that pulls you away from that knowing, that acceptance? It is the consciousness that has been called “death.” Death has been called the last enemy, for death is the sense that matter is permanent, difficult to change. But behind that, the sense that matter is real, that it has some independent existence, my beloved. This, of course, is based on the illusion of the fallen beings who have rebelled against God and who have created the illusion that separated themselves from God and God’s kingdom, creating a world where God is not. Therefore [they seek] to spread that death consciousness to all people, so that they reinforce it. And through their acceptance of death as inevitable, the acceptance of matter as real and separated from God, they give their light to the fallen beings who have no light, for they cannot receive it from within.

Why? Because they have chosen to go into the ultimate state of separation. There are degrees of separation, [and] until you reach that ultimate state, you still receive some light from your I AM Presence that sustains you. But when you come to that ultimate state of separation, then you can no longer receive the light, for you are not willing to accept it. It is not that the light is not there, that God withholds his light. For I tell you that even the darkest being that you can possibly imagine, be it Lucifer, Satan or whomever, God is not withholding light from them. For God still only desires to see them come back to oneness, but you can come to a point where you absolutely reject that you have the ability to receive light or the willingness or the worthiness or whatever it might be.

And from that point you can sustain any form of self, any form of awareness, only by taking light from others—who are still receiving it from above, but who are misqualifying it through fear, anger or whatever lower feelings that are not of love. And thus, my beloved, you will indeed see that this world is enveloped in a black cloud of the death consciousness. And that is why death is the last enemy. Because it is so difficult to overcome that illusion that matter is real.

For after all, your five senses are telling you that matter is real. And even your outer, analytical mind is telling you that matter is real. And therefore, it cannot simply be changed in an instant. For you cannot see with the outer mind and the senses that behind the matter that seems so solid, there is only light—consciousness. And consciousness can change in an instant.

This you have all experienced—how you can change your mind in an instant, from a state of sorrow, to a state of joy, or the other way around. Consider how simple it is to change your mind in an instant. Consider, my beloved, how women are often accused of changing their minds a thousand times. But realize that the reality here is that women are more in tune with the reality that you have a perfect right to change your mind at any time. For God has given you free will. So who says that because you have chosen to be in a certain state of mind – for a day, or a decade, or ten thousand embodiments – you have to continue to be in that state of mind indefinitely?

This is the death consciousness, my beloved. The death consciousness says that once you have made the mistake of eating a forbidden fruit, of partaking of the duality consciousness, you can never overcome that duality consciousness. The Church of Satan says that once you have accepted membership, you can never renounce it, for you have given your soul to the devil and you can never take it back. But the reality is, of course, that there is no such thing as any permanence in the material realm. That which is unreal cannot permanently affect that which is real.

And so, when you see that you are real, you know that no promise made, no curse put upon you, no illusion can ever hold you any longer than the moment when you decide that you are no longer the person who made the promise or made the mistake or accepted the death consciousness. You have been reborn, and thus you are free. You are free to Be what you want to be. For God within you will say, “I will be who I will be. And now I choose to be MORE than I was before.” And in that choosing, you are reborn, you are free.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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