Our potential to help change the earth

Ascended Master Mother Mary, May 29, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

In reality, most people have at least a sketchy idea of what the kingdom of God is like. They know that in the kingdom of God there is no war, there is no famine, no poverty, no exploitation, no natural disasters and no disease. Most people realize deep within their beings that many of the activities that they see all around them, either in their personal lives or in the media, are clearly out of alignment with God’s laws. Therefore, it should not be difficult for people to accept the fact that such activities simply could not take place in the kingdom of God. Such activities could not continue if the earth was to outpicture the perfection of the kingdom. These unbalanced activities would simply have to go.

Yet one of the most insidious plots of the dark forces, the serpentine liars, is to create the impression that things are so bad on planet earth that the perfection found in the kingdom of God could never be brought to this planet. These forces have made the many ungodly activities that take place on this planet seem almost inevitable, and as a result many people believe such activities are simply the expressions of human nature. My Beloved hearts, this is the most insidious plot, and it has achieved a very strong hold over the minds of most people on this planet. The influence of this plot goes back into the mist of history and one of the main ideas used to promote this plot is the concept of sin, especially the idea of original sin.

As I explained in an earlier discourse, human beings were indeed given a safe environment in which to experiment with their creative powers. There is absolutely nothing on this planet that is not made from the energy of God. Therefore, all of the imperfect conditions that are currently appearing on this planet have no permanent reality. These conditions are created by the misqualification of the pure energy of God. They are simply mirages projected upon the screen of life through the imperfect images that people hold in their minds.

Both Jesus and myself have compared this process to a movie projector, and you know very well that the images that appear on a movie screen have no permanent reality. They will continue to appear only as long as there is a film strip in the projector. If you are watching a horror movie, you know that what you see on the screen is not real. You also know that if someone changed the film strip in the projector, the movie screen would instantly reflect the images of the new movie. Therefore, even the worst horror movie could instantly be replaced by an inspirational movie about love and courage.

So my point here is simply this: Over thousands of years, the dark forces have attempted to program all human beings on this planet to accept the permanency and the inevitability of imperfect conditions. The miracles performed by Jesus were attempts to shock people out of this belief in the inevitability of disease or other imperfections. Jesus even attempted to shock people out of the belief in the inevitability of death. Yet so few people have truly understood, internalized and accepted the magnificent example given by Jesus. And the reason is that they cannot shake off the programming of the dark forces. One of the most insidious offsprings of this programming is the idea that all people are by nature sinners and that once you have committed a certain sin, there is no turning back, there is no way to raise yourself out of sin.

Any condition can be changed

My Beloved hearts, will you please make an effort to see through this lie, this insidious serpentine lie that has been projected into your minds? This lie is indeed being projected into your minds by mechanical devices created by the dark forces in lower realms, and these energy guns are constantly beaming their death rays into your subconscious minds. It is almost as if you had a loudspeaker in your mind that was constantly broadcasting the message that you are a miserable sinner who can never become one with your God. This is indeed the lie that I have come to dispel. Jesus and myself have come to help you see through this lie and rise above it.

We have taken great care to explain to you that because everything is created from the energy of God and because energy is vibration, any mistake, any limitation, any imperfect condition can be erased by changing the vibration of the energy back to its original purity. Oh my beloved hearts, please, please make an effort to contemplate this in your heart and reach for the inner confirmation from your Christ self that will demonstrate to you the truth of what I am saying. Your Christ self will show you that there is indeed no imperfect condition which cannot be changed and replaced by the perfection of the kingdom of God.

There is only one thing that can prevent imperfect conditions from being changed, and that is your inability or unwillingness to accept the possibility that your current limitations could be transformed into perfect conditions. Because you have free will, you must make a conscious choice to replace the imperfect images in your mind with a higher image, the true image, of the perfection of God.

How do you think Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead? He healed because his mind was so disciplined that he did not for an instant allow it to see the diseased body. Jesus focused all of his attention on seeing only a perfect body, and because he had achieved full Christhood, his mind was so strong that the images he held in his mind would instantly be manifest in the matter world.

Both Jesus and myself have attempted to explain that all human beings are co-creators with God. You are always co-creating because there is a constant stream of energy flowing through your mind from your spiritual self. That stream of energy, like the light in the movie projector, will take on whatever images exist in your subconscious mind. So if you truly want to change your life, and if you truly want to see conditions improve on the planet as a whole, here are the three things you need to accomplish:

You need to cleanse your mind of all imperfect images and imperfect beliefs. You need to reach for the higher vision of the Christ mind that allows you to see the perfection of the kingdom of God.

You need to reach for the Christ consciousness, which allows you to take dominion over the earth by taking command over the forces of your own mind. By taking this dominion, you can discipline the mind, so that it no longer sees and gives power to the imperfect images but is constantly focused only on the perfect images of the kingdom of God.

You need to remain constant in focusing on the perfect images. You need to be vigilant in not allowing the forces of this world to manipulate you into once again accepting imperfections as inevitable. Because Jesus had reached such a high degree of Christhood, he could instantly manifest changes in the material world. When you reach that level of Christhood, when this mind is in you, which was also in Christ Jesus, you can do the works that Jesus did. Yet until then you need to be patient, because you need to realize that it will take some time to change conditions in the material world.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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