No progress without experimentation

Ascended Master Jesus, January 4, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

As a scientist you can conduct an experiment. And if you are trying to make a light bulb, then the experiment might turn out that you create the light bulb or it might turn out that you do not. But either way you make progress, because now you know which will work and now you know which will not work. And that then enables you to move on and try other materials that might work until you find the right one. But how can you as a scientist make any kind of progress if you refuse to have “failed” experiments?

If you seek knowledge and understanding until you feel you know everything and can never make a mistake, well then, my beloved, the world might just have ascended before you are ready to speak out. [Laughter] For I tell you, the world will not wait until you have overcome your fears of speaking out.

Which is why I walked up to my disciples 2,000 years ago and said, “Leave your nets and follow me.” And if they did not follow me, then they were left behind, entangled in those nets. And so, let me tell you that the greatest mistake – if you want to talk in terms of mistakes – that you can make – one might even say the only mistake you can make – is not to dare to experiment, not to dare to speak out.

I can tell you, my beloved, that when souls pass from the screen of life and into the spiritual realm and meet their spiritual teachers and have a life review of what they accomplished or did not accomplish in their latest embodiment, the universal, greatest regret that people have is what they did not do, did not say, what they left undone, what they left unsaid. It is not the mistakes they made; it is the opportunities that were lost because they were too afraid to act or speak. That is why I told my disciples not to hide their light but to shout it from the housetops.

You must TRY

My Beloved, this messenger has grown immensely in the last few years, where he has been doing the Ask Real Jesus website, which then implies that he was far from perfect when he started it and is certainly not perfect now. But by being willing – even though he was aware of certain imperfections – to still put himself out there, he has learned more than he could ever have learned by staying in his little comfortable sphere and studying until he had reached some state of “perfection.”

My Beloved, you all know it, because you all learned to ride a bicycle. And you did not learn it by watching a video on YouTube or reading the instruction manual. [Laughter] You only learned it by getting on the bike, falling down a few times—until you suddenly got the hang of it, and now it became automatic.

And likewise, when you start speaking, there will come a point where it does not become automatic—it actually becomes creative because now the higher being that you are, the infinitely creative Being that you are, will begin to express itself through you. And you will say things that you are surprised to hear from yourself because you had not thought of them before they were said. But you see, had you not opened your mouth, would those ideas have come into your head? Nay, they would not, my beloved, for this is the essence of service—that you seek to help others by giving. And in so giving, you receive.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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