Most Christians have anger against God

Ascended Master Jesus, March 28, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

You see so many conditions in the earth that spring—not just from the duality consciousness, but from the fact that the soul has been programmed by an outer religion to believe that it should not be experiencing this or that condition. This comes in many disguises, but let me just bring up one example. So many Christians have been brought up to believe that in order to be good Christians, they should never be angry.

And yet they experience situations in their lives that bring up the feeling of anger. But because they are “good Christians,” they do not recognize the anger, they do not take ownership of it. So what do they do? They deny it, they stuff it into the subconscious mind. Yet anger is a form of energy, anger is thought imbued with the power of feeling, and thus it will eventually cycle through the energy system of the material universe, until it manifests as a physical condition in the body or a severe schism in the mind.

How can you be healed of a physical disease that is the product of anger? You cannot be healed fully through surgery or by taking a pill. You can be healed only by recognizing that the condition is the product of anger. Then, you must take an honest look at the anger, going all the way into it, until you discover the cause that made you feel that anger in the first place—and that cause is often an expectation that is not in alignment with the reality of life or the higher will of your being. But until you own the anger, until you take possession of it and accept that you created it by making a choice, and until you discover the cause for why you made that choice, how can you ever give away the anger?

And thus, so many Christians have been brought up with a belief system that does not make sense, that does not answer their questions about life, that does not explain why they have personally encountered tragedy or why one child is born with immense handicaps and another child is born rich or gifted. They see the inequality in the world, and their only option is to reason that God must have created it that way. And yet, when you reason that way, it is inevitable that you will feel that God is unjust, and so there is anger against God.

And so many Christians, in fact over 90% of all of those who call themselves Christians, have an unrecognized anger against God. Yet because they have been programmed with the need to be “good Christians” – because if they are not good Christians they cannot enter the kingdom of heaven and be saved – they have only one option and it is to ignore, deny and suppress that anger.

The master key to healing

Yet how could you possible enter the kingdom of God, when you feel anger against God? You do not want to come close to something that makes you feel anger or fear—you want to run away from it. So how can you enter the inner kingdom until you have resolved your anger, and how can you resolve the anger until you take ownership of that anger and see that it was something you created because you came to believe in one of the serpentine lies?

And now that you own it – now that you understand why – all of a sudden you can do something you could never do before. You can say, “This is anger is mine. I take responsibility for it, and at this very moment, I own it fully.”

And then you can say, “But I also realize that although I created the anger, the “I” that created the anger was the human ego, the human “I.” But I am more than that human ego. I am an immortal being, created by God in his image and likeness. And it was not my Conscious You who created the anger, and thus I don’t want the anger any more, I don’t want it to be part of my being and my life experience.”

And once you realize that the anger is separate from yourself – it is a thing you own and not a part of yourself – at that moment, you have the option to give it away. And instead of giving your anger, or rather trying to give away your anger, by taking it out on other people, you can give it to the one Being who will gladly take your anger. And that being is God, because God loves you and does not want to see you live a life burdened by anger or the effects of anger, such as mental and emotional and physical disease.

God wants you to be free of the anger, and God is an unlimited fire, an all-consuming fire, that can consume the anger in an instant. So God will gladly take it from you, but God gave you free will and will not take your anger until you give it to him. And you cannot give it to him until you take ownership, until you take possession, and you say, “This was created by a part of my being, and thus I accept accountability and responsibility. Yet it was created by a part of my being that is not my true self. Thus, neither my ego nor the anger created by the ego is part of my Conscious You. And I will no longer identify with the ego or with the anger, I will separate myself out from it. I will come apart and be a separate and chosen people, elect unto God because I have chosen to separate myself from the consciousness of death.”

And when you do this, then you can take the anger and you can turn to God – the God in the kingdom within you – and say, “Oh Lord, I offer this to you, please take it from me.” And if you can fully let go, it will be taken. And as the cycles turn in the material universe, even a physical condition that is the result of anger will be taken from you.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

Copyright © 2005 Kim Michaels