Making the Catholic Church obsolete

Ascended Master Saint Germain, May 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Most gracious Ladies and Gentlemen, Saint Germain I AM, and I come with a flame of gratitude for your presence on this continent, at this conference, at your willingness to study the true teachings of Christ brought forth specifically for the Aquarian Age. For my beloved, there are indeed few beings in heaven that have a greater respect, admiration and pure love for Jesus than I myself.

Truly, in many embodiments I was inspired by the teachings of Christ, and when I walked this continent in various embodiments – and as the Wonderman of Europe – I always sought to impart the inner teachings of Christ that I knew in my heart. Yet the proud, the high and the mighty would have none of it. For they thought they knew better what were the true teachings of Christ. For they had taken those teachings and encapsulated them in the impenetrable wall of doctrine, of dogma and of a Church authority that could not be challenged or gainsaid. So my beloved, is it not ironic that the Being who was destined to become the master of the Aquarian Age – and who for that reason took embodiment many times in Europe – found that the greatest opposition to freedom in Europe did indeed come from the very institution that claims to be the only true Church of Christ?

Truly, this is a state of affairs that cannot be allowed to continue on this continent. This is not to say that I want anyone to go out and do battle with the Catholic Church. For we have no intention of destroying the Catholic Church. However we do have every intention of making obsolete both the Catholic Church and any other Church that will not come up higher and accept the true teachings of the Living Christ being brought forth as the Living Word, not only through one messenger but through the hearts and minds of the people throughout Europe and the World, who are willing to be mouthpieces for the Aquarian teachings of Christ, the teachings that must be brought out before the Age of Freedom can become a reality on this planet.

The greatest need in Europe today

What is indeed the greatest need in Europe today, what is my highest hopes, what is my highest vision for this continent? Well, let me assure you that even though I have spent a considerable amount of time, energy and attention on establishing the United States, I still have a very great love for this continent, and a very great hope that Europe can once again become the open door for bringing forth new ideas in every area of human endeavor.

For was it not so, that during the Renaissance and beyond, Europe was indeed the birthplace of many new ideas. Some of those ideas were surely from the dualistic, serpentine mindset, but still there were valid ideas that came forth and transformed Europe and eventually the world. But look at history again. Look at the Renaissance and how there was an explosion of new ideas, new inventions, new thoughts. Yet they were brought forth primarily through science—not in the area of religion. And once again, was not the reason that there was one Church that claimed to be the only true Church of Christ and therefore felt justified in using whatever power it had to suppress innovation in the area of religion? Truly, there was the Reformation, but as I am sure you, of all people, can see, the Lutheran, Protestant churches and their offspring did not bring out the true teachings of Christ. For they took out some of the artificial elements added by the Catholic Church, but they did not put back in what had been taken out by the Catholic Church or even earlier.

The greatest need in Europe is the restoration of the Word, because the word affects every area of society. The Word is the key element to setting the people free. Why is this so, my beloved? It is so because the perversion of the word that creates illusions is the primary means used by the Power Elite to suppress the people, to prevent the people from having the knowledge, the truth that will make them free.

Surely, there are few better historical examples of this than the Catholic Church and how it suppressed the Word, even the written Word, so that for centuries the Bible could not be translated into any other language but Latin, meaning that the majority of the people in the Christian world back then could not understand and read the Bible for themselves. They had to rely on the interpretation given by their preachers and priests. Can you see that when the people do not even have access to the written Word, well then the institution that took away that access can control the peoples’ thoughts, which is indeed why the same institution managed to keep Europe locked in the Dark Ages for nigh a millennium.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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