Josep’s relationship with Mother Mary

Ascended Master Saint Germain, July 4, 2005, through Kim Michaels.

And let me end on a softer note. I would take you back to the time when I had the great privilege of being the guardian of the Mother Light in the Mother of Jesus. Truly, this magnificent Being, that you know as Mother Mary, had humbled herself to take on embodiment. She humbled herself to say to the angel, “Oh Lord, be it unto me according to your will,” not knowing where this would lead. And then one day, she knew by the Holy Spirit that this gruff, elder gentleman who stood before her was to be her husband and that together they would conceive the Christ child.

I must tell you that back then I was not a particularly distinguished gentleman. I was somewhat of a rough character, and that was how I was known in the community. So I can assure you that for a temple virgin like Mary, it was quite an adjustment to leave her temple life and join this elderly gentleman of a somewhat questionable reputation. Yet, she remained true to her promise to God. She humbled herself, and I must tell you that I was not always an easy man to be around. For I too had grown up in a culture that was male-dominated, and where the man was seen as more important than the woman. And I felt a certain cultural habit and obligation to put my foot down and be the man in the house, the one who wears the pants in the family. Yet clearly, Mary was the one who had the spiritual attainment in that family.

And there were times, I must tell you, where I awoke early in the morning, and Mary was still asleep. And I would lie there and watch her profile as she breathed gently. And at times I could set aside that outer male ego, that is such a fragile thing, and I could look at her and the tears would well up in my eyes and I would say, “How could I possibly have been so fortunate to deserve this experience of being with this Being of Light?”

And I do in no way dishonor the fact that both Mary and I recognized that even we were humbled by the son we had brought forth. But in this context I am focusing on honoring Mary and the Mother Flame that she held back then and that she holds even stronger today.

The Mother Flame of Mary is the master-key to the Golden Age
For I must tell you that when I spoke in the past, the situation on this planet was dire. I truly had no way of knowing whether it would be possible to manifest the Golden Age of freedom. It was indeed possible that the earth would enter a downward spiral that would take her down, down, down, until it would be centuries or a millennia before a Golden Age could be built. And I must tell you that the only thing that made the difference, that tipped the scales and turned the earth into an upward spiral, was indeed the Mother flame held by Mary for the earth. Had it not been for Mary, neither Jesus, with all his attainment, nor myself, with all my attainment on freedom, could have turned the tide and turned the earth into an upward spiral.

And thus I must tell you that the greatest hope that we have for turning around the planet – for reinforcing the upward spiral of the planet, for she has already been turned around – is that those in embodiment will follow the path of dedicating themselves to raising the Mother Light, to guarding the Mother Light and doing so under the guidance of Mother Mary and by using the tools she has released. Truly her rosaries and invocations are THE essential spiritual tool for the Aquarian age.

I am not saying that there are not others that are valid tools. But Mother Mary’s rosaries are THE essential tool that will reinforce all others. And thus I must say to you, “If you have any dedication to Saint Germain and to the cause of freedom, then take up Mother Mary’s rosaries!” I, for one, cannot understand how someone can claim to be a student of Saint Germain and scoff at these rosaries that radiate so much love that only the blind can fail to see it. So, if you have ever considered yourself to be a student of Saint Germain, I say, “Wake up and realize that here is where I AM in this age.”


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