Jesus never used force

Ascended Master Saint Germain June 21, 2013, through Kim Michaels.

You need to be willing to be the open door, expressing an idea and letting the idea do its work. It may be that people reject it, as Sanat Kumara just discoursed on. Many people will reject the Light, but the light will still make a difference. Why will the Light make a difference? Because whenever the Light is expressed, you give people an opportunity to either choose the Light or to choose to continue in their present level of consciousness. You give them the opportunity to accept the Light or reject the Light. They did not have that opportunity before they encountered the expression of the Light through you, before they encountered something that was immaterial or rather not all based on the fallen standard. This is what Jesus did when he walked the Earth in a physical body.

There will be no use of force

The people who met him, they all saw something in him that they had never seen in any other human being. By the mere fact that Jesus walked among people as the open door, he did the work that was meant to be done. Due to the Light, they became subject to the School of Hard Knocks, the second law of thermodynamics, and those who actively attacked the Living Christ, the Light would actually accelerate their downward spiral so that they quicker came to their point of no return where they could not continue to embody on this planet.

You may see that Jesus himself was killed, and from an outer viewpoint did Jesus attain anything in that embodiment? Not from an outer viewpoint, but nevertheless he created the spiral that carried humanity through the Piscean Age and that led to the fact that he today can express his true teachings in a more palatable and more easy to understand form. It has led to the fact that we of the ascended masters today can openly reveal our Presence through the Spoken Word, that is harder to deny than previous expressions. While we still respect free will and plausible deniability, we have given people a closer contact with us than they could have had 2,000 years ago. I assure you that 2,000 years ago having a sponsored messenger was simply an impossibility due to the level of the collective consciousness.

My point here is this: In the Golden Age of Saint Germain you will see diversity, diversification. There will not be one spiritual or religious organization, nor will there be one organization of government that will dominate the golden age, that will dictate or that will use force. There are sometimes ascended master students who have looked at conditions on earth and seen how bad they really are.  As we have said in our conference in Russia, it is necessary to look at conditions the way they are and to honestly assess: “Yes, there is something we need to overcome. Yes, we have a higher potential, and we could do better.” But when students of the ascended masters have done this, have been awakened to the fact that things are not the highest potential right now, they sometimes become so zealous that they are almost ready to use force.

For example, we recently saw in a previous dispensation that some among the student body supported the use of force to end the Soviet Union. They were ready to go to war even if it was a devastating world-wide war, or at least a war with worldwide consequences, in order to end what they saw as, in the words of a certain President: the Evil Empire. We of the ascended masters certainly saw problems with the Soviet Empire, there is no question about this. But we also saw from the ascended realm the hearts of the Russian people. Do you really think that we of the ascended masters were so intent on destroying the Soviet Empire that we were willing to kill millions of the Russian people in order to attain this goal?


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