Jesus holds the Office of Savior for all people

Ascended Master Mother Mary, January 28, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

My goal with this discourse is to help you see the ultimate reality that the title of the Mother of God is a universal title and a universal office. As the Mother of God, I am the mother of all children of God. I am the mother of all human beings, regardless of their skin color, their birth place or their religion. Therefore, I cannot play favorites, and as God is no respecter of persons, truly the Mother of God can be no respecter of persons. She cannot condemn some of her children based on artificial outer characteristics. These outer divisions were never created by God. They were created exclusively by the relativity of the human consciousness, the dualistic mind itself.

As the Mother of God, I cannot allow myself to be influenced by this lower state of consciousness, and therefore I am indeed the universal Mother of all life. I hope that those who have an open mind and heart can see that the title of the Mother of God is not exclusive to Christians or to Catholics. I love all people, regardless of their outer religion.

Likewise, my son Jesus holds the office of Savior, the office of the Son of God, and that too is a universal office. If you will be honest, you will see that Jesus did not come to start a sectarian religion which would condemn all non-members, as the Jewish religion of his time condemned all non-Jews. Do you not see from the scriptures, that Jesus constantly challenged those Jews who were biased and used their religion as a weapon to condemn others? Do you not see that Jesus constantly reached out to those who were considered outcasts by the elitist Jews of Jerusalem, those who considered themselves to be God’s chosen people? Jesus constantly reached out to the lepers, the tax collectors, the Samaritans, the Romans and anyone else who was considered an outcast by those who thought they were better than everyone else.

The Divine Mother East and West

When you realize the universality of my office, you will also realize that even though I am primarily revered in the West, I do not limit myself to the western hemisphere or to the Christian religion. In fact, I am much more than the representative of the Divine Mother that you saw me as during my incarnation as Mary, the mother of Jesus.

There is indeed an office of the Divine Mother for the eastern part of this planet, and there is a representative of the Divine Mother who holds that office. She is revered in the East as the Goddess Kuan Yin, the Mother of Mercy. I can assure you that Kuan Yin is a member of the ascended masters, as I am a member of the ascended masters. There is no competition in heaven, and therefore Kuan Yin and I are colleagues and sisters of spirit. We are indeed two representatives of the Divine Mother, and we work together to create a true union of hearts that will turn this planet around.

As my son Jesus has explained on his website, he did indeed travel to the East during some of the 17 years where he is not mentioned in the Christian Bible. He did this because he knew that he was called to a universal office as the savior for all people. Therefore, he could not allow himself to confine his understanding of God to the Jewish religion. He therefore traveled to the East to study the timeless, universal teachings brought forth through several eastern religions. My son Jesus needed the initiations that were offered by these eastern religions in terms of learning how to master matter itself. It was indeed these initiations that helped him perform the miracles that he performed during his mission in Galilee.

So you see, when you rise to a certain level of spiritual attainment, you leave behind the artificial divisions created by the carnal mind, and you begin to walk the universal path back to God. Therefore, you leave no stone unturned, and you are willing to use any tool brought forth by God to help you on your spiritual path. It does not matter whether this tool was brought fourth in the eastern hemisphere or in the western hemisphere, or whether it was brought forth by this religion or that religion, or even by science. You will use whatever tool you need in order to take the next step on your spiritual path and come up higher.

I have given you this long explanation in an attempt to set the stage for my release of a new tool that I desire to give you this day. I give you this tool partly because it is badly needed, both for your own spiritual growth and for the restoration of spiritual balance on planet earth. I also give you this tool as a reward for those who have vowed to use the Miracle Rosary on a daily basis.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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