Jesus had his own personal challenges

Serapis Bey, November 26, 2011.

I am not thereby saying, that you yourselves can at any moment accelerate yourself beyond any condition in your psychology. For as many of you have experienced, it takes time. Many times, it takes time to work on a condition in your psychology. It may take years!

My Beloved, this is not because you are deficient. Those of us who have been in embodiment on earth, have gone through the exact same process. You have been so programmed to look at spiritual teachers – such as Jesus, or Mother Mary or the Buddha or other gurus and teachers – and think that they must have been fundamentally different from you, because they did not have the problems you had.

Well, it is true that some people in their last embodiment before they ascended, did not have some of these problems. Because they had worked them out in previous lifetimes. But do not fall into the trap of thinking, that any ascended being has ever had an easier road to the ascension than you yourself are experiencing. We all had our difficulties, and do you not understand, that the difficulties that Jesus faced were as difficult for him as your difficulties are for you? And why is this so?

Because Jesus looked at his difficulties through the filter of the same state of consciousness, in which he had created those conditions. And you, of course, are looking at your own difficulties through the same state of consciousness through which you have created your difficulties. This is why you have the universally observable fact, that it is so easy for you to solve other people’s problems, but so hard to solve your own.

This is not because you are deficient, but it is because you are not looking at another person’s problems through that person’s state of consciousness. This means two things. In some cases you do actually see the solution that they don’t see. However, in other cases you do not see a viable solution, for although you may think you see the solution for them, you are not seeing that they cannot apply your solution, because you are not actually seeing the fullness of the problem as they see it from the inside.

And so you see, regardless, the fact is simple: You cannot solve another person’s problems for them, and in most cases they cannot solve their own problem by applying your solution, your vision. They need to come to a point, where they see a solution, based on their state of consciousness.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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