Jesus challenged us to prove the triumph of individuality over structures

Ascended Master Saint Germain, March 22, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

This is the change, that has been underway for the past 2,000 years and beyond, but especially initiated by the coming of Christ. For what did Christ do? He proved the ultimate potential of individuality—the triumph of individuality over structures built by the fallen consciousness. The triumph of the individuality of God over the death consciousness, that denies individuality and individual creativity. This is the change that has been happening over these past 2,000 years.

If the Aquarian age is to be a Golden Age, this change must be greatly accelerated. And it will be accelerated only, when all of the people who are beginning to wake up – realizing that there is something wrong in their democracies – go beyond complaining about it, go beyond longing for some other elite to take them away from the bad elite – and realize that the man on the white horse, the woman on the white horse, that is going to ride into town and make a difference is YOU. You are the person who must make a difference, by educating yourself, by speaking out, by taking responsibility.

Do you see, as I have hinted at before, that even the concept of conspiracies and conspiracy theories can be used by the fallen consciousness to make you feel that it is so overwhelming for an ordinary person to fight against this worldwide conspiracy, this secret society, that you do nothing? Do you see, that throughout the ages, the fallen consciousness has always done this exact thing: put out some idea – depending on the moods of the time – that there is some overwhelming force running your society and that you, as an individual, have no opportunity to make a difference, that you cannot stand up against it. But did not Christ demonstrate, that the individual can stand up against it? Even if the power elite kills him, then Christ will bring about their judgment and thus society will progress.

But in today’s democracies, it is not necessary, that you stand out as one individual and is killed—this is not necessary if many people will stand out at once. For you realize, of course, that a power elite can kill off one or a few individuals. But they cannot kill off tens of thousands of people who are all speaking out. Then they will give up their power—they will because they realize, it is the only way they are going to survive.

Look at even the Roman emperors, the most megalomaniac leaders you have seen – just about – in history. They thought they were gods on earth, but why did a Roman emperor build the Colosseum? It was to entertain the people, but it was really to divert the attention of the people. And what does this show you, my beloved? It shows you, that even a Roman emperor – who thought he was God on earth – was still afraid of the people. Because if the people had woken up in sufficient numbers, he knew he would have lost his power. This was true 2,000 years ago; it is equally true today. Whatever secret conspiracy you might envision that is running this world behind the scenes, I tell you: they have no power to stand up to the people—when the people wake up in sufficient numbers and decide to take responsibility and demand, that their leaders be held responsible for what they do.

If you could see it from my perspective, you would see that the camel’s back, the Dragon’s back, has already been broken. The control of any power elite group of this planet has already been broken. The people have not realized this, but it would only take a slight shift in consciousness, before the people could wake up and once and for all break the stranglehold of any power elite, no matter how powerful you may envision it to be. As a visible example, look at what is happening to the Catholic Church. Look at how people, after decades of silence, are finally speaking out against the abuse by Catholic clergy. One of the most entrenched institutions that this earth has ever seen, can no longer stem the tide of them being held responsible.

Do you see what is happening behind the scenes here? Do you see what we have talked about, how a structure requires the suppression of individuality? But, a structure also offers something for those who are willing to submit part of their individuality to the structure. It offers them, that they can hide behind the structure, as you have seen Catholic priests hide for decades while they were abusing children. If these priests had been abusing children out in secular society, they would have been caught and put in jail decades ago. But they managed to hide behind the structure for decades. Yet the fact that they can no longer hide, and that this scandal will spread worldwide, shows you that a shift has happened. 

And if you could see what I see at inner levels, you would see, that even the worst conspiracy you could possibly imagine cannot survive in the Aquarian age consciousness. The Holy Spirit will blow where it listeth, the Sword of Christ, as Gautama Buddha said at New Year’s, will cut the veils, that will expose these hidden power elite structures one by one. And they cannot survive once they can no longer hide. The power elite can only thrive in the darkness, they cannot survive when the light of Christ shines upon them. And the light of Christ is being shined upon them by those who are willing to raise their consciousness and make the calls through our rosaries and invocations.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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