Jesus came to unify God and man

Ascended Master Presence of Oneness, May 31, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

I am the Presence of Indivisible Oneness, and I say, “The mission of Jesus Christ shall be fulfilled in this hour and from this day forward!” The true mission of Jesus Christ was to call the lost tribes of the house of Israel – that which Is real – to come home to their God. It was truly a mission of calling all those who are the sons and daughters of the Creator of this universe to come home to oneness with their God. It was a mission to call those lost tribes to come to the wedding feast, whereby the lifestream could be wed to her Christ self and thereby ascend back to the spiritual realm from which she came. Yet as Jesus declared in his parable about the wedding feast (Matthew 22:1), those who were bidden refused to come because they were too busy taking care of this or that seemingly important activity that sprang from the consciousness of separation. They thought they had to complete these activities that were created out of the consciousness of separation and therefore seemed like they were part of the identity of their souls.

So what did the Lord do when those who were bidden to the wedding feast refused to come? He sent the servants out to bid anyone who was willing to enter, and this then is truly my purpose for coming today. Everything that was ever created was created out of the oneness of the one true God. The one true God can be divided indefinitely, yet no division of the one true God can ever be separated from the One, from itself. Nothing created out of the one true God can be separated from the whole. Everything in this universe was created out of the one true God, yet it does not exist separately from or apart from that God. It exists within the Being of the one true God. And therefore, everything in this universe is truly one with God because it is God in manifestation.

This then is the true process that the magnificent teacher, whom you know as Jesus Christ, came to demonstrate and teach. He outpictured the process whereby a lifestream rises to the sense of oneness with its source that allows it to know and state, “I and my Father are one. I of my own self can do nothing. It is the Father within me who is doing the work. My Father works hitherto, and I work.”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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