Jesus affirms God’s judgment

Ascended Master Jesus, March 27, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

Yet did I not say “Judge not?” Did I not say “I judge no man, yet if I judge my judgment is just because I judge not by the human will and the human mind, but by the mind and will of God?” You have heard God Himself speak the words that the idol worship of Jesus Christ as the only Son of God is no longer allowed on planet Earth. And thus, I have been given the marching orders to send those who are willing to be my mouthpieces in this age, those who are willing to be my apostles in this age, to go and shout the message from the housetops, that Jesus Christ is not the only Son of God and that Jesus Christ is not God from the very beginning, but is indeed an individualization of God, as are all sons and daughters of God.

And therefore, those who proclaim that Jesus is God or that Jesus is the only Son of God are indeed guilty of blasphemy. And this blasphemy must come to an end, because how can the Christ be born in the hearts of people around this planet, when they have been programmed from childhood to believe, that it would be blasphemy for them to consider that Christ could be born in their hearts?

Therefore, I will challenge – through anyone who wishes to be a part of this endeavor – I will challenge this lie, as I have already challenged it in the book. Because truly, the most important challenge facing this planet in these coming years is that religious warfare and religious conflict must be transcended, and the entire consciousness behind it must be transcended.

And so what is the consciousness behind religious conflict? It is the consciousness of anti-will, where the human ego and the forces of darkness, the prince of this world, have created this force of anti-will that is separate from, and in opposition to, the will of the Creator himself. And thus they have raised up that anti-will and created a golden calf. And I am sad to say that thousands upon thousands of Christian churches have their replicas of that golden calf on their altars. They have come together on this Easter Sunday, thinking they are celebrating the resurrection of Christ, and yet they are worshipping an idol and dancing around the golden calf.

And some of them are even dancing to music that is truly similar to the music used by the Israelites, when they were dancing around the golden calf at the foot of the mountain of God. And I tell you that Moses was shocked to the core of his being, when he came down and saw what they had done in his absence. And if I was to enter the majority of the Christian churches today, I too would be shocked at what mockery they have made of my teachings.

I affirm God’s judgment

And thus, I affirm the judgment of the Lord God that this consciousness will be judged. And I tell you that through the rest of the year 2005, I will send angels of judgment to every soul on Earth. And I realize that many people have been brought up to think, that the judgment is something to be feared, that it is something terrible. But the judgment is an opportunity, an opportunity for the soul to awaken, to realize that it has been spiritually dead but that it is time to wake up and make the decision that will let life, the consciousness of life, the consciousness of Christ, be born in that soul.

And therefore, my angels are not to be feared. They are indeed angels that spring from the love of God, that will not leave a soul alone to be destroyed in its own self destructive spiral of the anti-will. And thus, my angels will be with every soul on Earth throughout the remainder of this year. And yet I, Jesus Christ, have raised my right hand, which is the sign of judgment, and I will hold my hand raised through New Year’s eve 2005. And at that moment, at 12:00 PM, when the year runs out, my hand will come down as the judgment upon the anti-will and all those who have aligned themselves with that anti-will.

And that judgment does not mean, that they will be consumed by the fires of hell, but it does mean that my angels will withdraw from them in respect for their free will. And therefore, these people will be left without the assistance of the angels of the Lord Christ. And therefore, they will truly be consumed by their own self-created spirals of hell.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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