In oneness, no one is Lord or King over another

Ascended Master Jesus, November 2, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

So you see; when life is one, no one is in control. No one is lord over another; no one is king over another. When the ancient Israelites demanded a king, well then they only reinforced the illusion of separation—and it was not truly the people who demanded a king. It was the aspiring power elite at the time; those who lusted after the power held by the high priests and wanted their own share of that power—out of their perversion of the omega aspect of wanting to control the people’s daily lives, whereas the high priests wanted to control their minds. Here in Europe, the concept that Christ is King of Kings was perverted to the point, where the kings started claiming that they were representatives of Christ—that they were standing between the people and Christ, and that they had the ordination of Christ for their kingship and for the fact that the son of the previous king, the oldest son, would always become the next king.

Well, if you go back to ancient times, they had kings but the kings were not simply appointed in succession. You were appointed through some agency of the spiritual realm, be it an oracle or in other manners whereby the Spirit could appoint the king. Often, it raised up a person who was born and raised as a commoner to be the next king, so that that king knew what it was like to live among the people and had not been born in a royal castle, far removed from the ordinary people, growing up in this closed environment, and therefore naturally becoming halfway insane, so to speak, being brought up to be insane in the sense that he was insensitive to the plight of the people. This then, is indeed one of the great problems; perhaps one might say the great problem on earth, especially here in Europe. 


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