How to know the real Jesus

Ascended Master Jesus, October 23, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

If a particular group of people believe in a very limited concept of life, we cannot give them the highest possible teaching that could be given at that moment. We must give them a teaching that is not so far above their beliefs that they cannot grasp or accept it. And thus, there are many times where we give people a very limited teaching, but it is still above what they have right now. You might say – with the human mind – that if the ascended masters tell different groups of people different teachings that seem contradictory, then sometimes the ascended masters must be lying. But you see, our purpose is not to give an absolute, infallible truth.

When the Living Christ comes to you, he comes to meet you at the level of consciousness you are at. And therefore, he must shake you out of your attachment to that state of consciousness. And in some cases this can be done only by giving you a statement that is so startling to your outer mind and your ego that you are literally jolted out of your comfortability. This comfortability makes you unwilling to grow by going within and reaching for a higher understanding from within yourself. You just cling to that outer teaching, thinking it can give you everything you need to know.

So my beloved, when we give a teaching, it is for your freedom. What are we to do with a group of students who use the outer teaching to actually put themselves in a mental box that is even more confining than what they had before they found that teaching? What are we to do to get these students to move on? Well, sometimes we must push their buttons by giving them a statement that is so startling that they say, “Oh, the ascended masters would never say that. Jesus would never say that.”

But you see, the Jesus who would never say “that” is the Jesus that you have confined to your own mental image of what Jesus should be like. Therefore, that Jesus is the false hierarchy Jesus, not the Living Christ. For the Living Christ will literally say to you whatever is necessary to jolt you out of your current mental box and get you back to the point, where you are willing to think about life and reach for the inner answers—reach for the key of knowledge.

Never stop asking questions

Ask and ye shall receive! How many times have we seen people who found a true spiritual teaching, and then they thought that they no longer needed to ask for directions from their Christ self, for now all they needed to do was read the outer teaching at an intellectual level.

And therefore, I must tell you that there are people who claim to be students of the ascended masters, yet they have literally said, not at a conscious level but at a subconscious level, “Beloved Christ self, I don’t need you anymore. I have the outer teaching. Beloved Jesus, I don’t need you anymore; I will just study the Jesus that is depicted as a snapshot in the outer teaching because I am comfortable with that Jesus.”

And what they are really saying is, “Jesus don’t disturb me. I am comfortable and I want to stay where I am comfortable.” This is the bane of religion on this planet—that it makes people comfortable, thinking they will be saved because they are members of that religion. And that is indeed why Saint Germain has determined that it is time to shake up that state of consciousness. And I am right there with him, for I too have had my fill of orthodox Christianity and its rigidity and dogmatism.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.


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