How the fallen beings trap you in the dualistic struggle

Ascended Master Portia, May 30, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

Do you not see, that the main thought systems – be they religious or scientific-materialist or political – found on this earth, portrays you as a victim of circumstances beyond your control? And what does this victim consciousness cause you to do? Well, it causes you to think that the only way to improve your situation is to seek to change the outer conditions, to change the consequences.

And thus, the most simple mechanism – applied by the fallen beings in their attempt to tie you into the ongoing dualistic struggle – is indeed to get you to struggle against consequences. Yet, do you not see why this will never give you peace of mind?

My Beloved, imagine that you are in a movie theater. You are looking at the movie that is playing on the screen, and you decide that you do not like the movie. But since the movie is appearing on the screen, you now get it into your head that the only way to change the movie is to change the screen. So, you get out a bucket of black paint and a paintbrush, and you start painting the screen black. And yes, that does change the movie somewhat, but it is still the same image that is being projected at the screen. So, how much can you really change the movie by changing the screen?

For is the movie not produced away from the screen? Is it not so, that the image on the screen is a consequence of a cause that is found somewhere else? And in a movie theater, that cause is the film strip in the movie projector. But, do you not see the parallel? What you experience on earth is a consequence of a cause. And the cause is found in your consciousness and in the collective consciousness.

If you think you have to fight the consequences – instead of changing the cause – you will inevitably turn your life into an ongoing and potentially never-ending struggle. Although the struggle will certainly end at some point, as mandated by the Law of Free Will, that although you have free will to have any experience you want, you do not have the right to have that experience, to remain in a certain experience, forever.

And so, divine justice is simply that you have free will to make choices, but that you will experience the consequences of your choices. Because when you go into a certain state of consciousness, you will magnetize yourself to a planetary unit on which a majority of the beings have that same state of consciousness. And thus, you will inevitably be tempted to go into a struggle against other people with the same state of consciousness, struggling against consequences produced by the collective state of consciousness on that planet.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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