How the fallen beings induce doubt

Ascended Master Archangel Michael, June 10, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

Yet after having fallen, they felt they had been unjustly treated, for they saw that some of their peers, some of their former peers, were indeed raised up to positions in the spiritual realm. Yet they were not able or willing to see, that this happened because those lifestreams had indeed let go of the separate self and were willing to be the servants of all. So they thought – the fallen beings thought – they had been unjustly treated. And that is when they decided to deliberately and consciously oppose God’s plan by seeking to draw as many lifestreams with them into the fallen state as they possibly could.

And how did they determine to do this? We have earlier spoken about the consciousness of the accuser of the brethren that accused the beings in the sphere that was ascending, yet had not fully ascended. And thus, there were beings who were open to this accusation. Why could this happen? Why was this allowed? Because, again, there were beings in the ascending sphere who had not come to the point of fully becoming spiritually self-sufficient, of accepting and expressing their divine individuality, because they also had remnants of that separate self. And so, these beings also needed the initiation, the test: could they let go of the separate self and step up into oneness, or would they seek to retain some aspect of the separate self, because they were not willing to take full responsibility for themselves. They were not willing to express their God-given creativity to the point, where that God-given creativity could propel them to the ascended state.

Do you see, again, how these lifestreams had not understood, that the ascension is not a collective process? Do you see that when a sphere is in an ascending spiral, those beings who are part of creating that spiral do form an upward momentum? That upward momentum can pull up higher all beings in the sphere, and thereby all get the opportunity to become self-sufficient; to internalize the Ascension Flame. Yet the question is: Will a Being come to see that the Light of God is within itself? Or will it see it as coming from an exterior source?

As long as you think the Light comes from outside yourself – whether it be in a leader, in a messenger or in some spiritual guru – then you are not spiritually self-sufficient. And as long as you are not spiritually self-sufficient – by knowing that the Light of God is inside of you and thus you need nothing from the world of form – well, then you cannot ascend. For the ascension is a process where you individually ascend because you have become spiritually self-sufficient.

You have become the rocket that Serapis Bey talked about, that is now ready to take off, break free of the gravitational field of the earth and go into orbit. And thus, when a sphere does ascend, those that have not yet become spiritually self-sufficient must also receive the initiation. Can they ascend, can they let go of the separate self, or must they take another round in the world of form and therefore descend into the new sphere that is being created?

These many lifestreams, that had not become spiritually self-sufficient, received this initiation precisely by being confronted by the “higher” lifestreams – those who had set themselves up in leadership positions – by being confronted by their rebellion against God. And what exactly did the fallen beings do in order to pull other lifestreams with them? Well, they only had to do one simple thing and it is essential that you understand this.

In an ascending sphere there is a greater and greater sense of oneness. All beings in that sphere are at least aware of this oneness. All have not come fully into the oneness, but they are aware of the energy of oneness. And so, all are aware of the need to come into oneness and that oneness is the underlying reality. Yet those who have not yet experienced it, will see it more as a theoretical possibility, something they need to come into in some distant future.

Yet when the turning point comes, that distant future is no longer distant. It is NOW. Now the choice must be made. You can only have a certain time to grow towards the ascension in a particular cycle, in a particular sphere, and then there comes a cut-off point, where you must now make the choice. For you cannot have forever to postpone that choice, or free will would not be truly free. And so, there are those who have not internalized oneness, and therefore oneness is still somewhat of a concept that they understand with the mind but do not yet experience fully with the heart.

And that is why, when the fallen beings came out and demonstrated that they were in opposition to oneness, well, then all of a sudden they provided a frame of reference, that had not been there before; namely that there was something that was not only outside of oneness but was in opposition to oneness. And this then became what we might call a negative, or a separatist, frame of reference, as opposed to what I talked about earlier, that my angels and myself provide the positive frame of reference that we will not be moved from oneness. And so, you see that when the fallen beings projected their opposition to God through the consciousness of the accuser; those who had already come into oneness – those for whom oneness was no longer a distant external concept – they were not moved. They saw immediately, they read the vibration, that this was not oneness, and thus they were unmoved by the fallen beings.

Yet those more innocent life streams who had not yet come into oneness, many of those were indeed shocked by this demonstration of anti-oneness, and what did it do? Well, in their minds it caused doubt. Doubt crept into their minds. Is oneness really the underlying reality? If oneness is the underlying reality, how can these beings be allowed to separate themselves from oneness? Are they really right in what they are saying that God was wrong, that free will is not the ultimate way to salvation, that free will can only lead to disaster? Are they right, that maybe I am wrong?


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