How Lucifer perverted perception

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, January 1, 2014 through Kim Michaels.

This is the catch-22 that many people have created for themselves. It has not only come from the perversion of the Mother. It has also come from the Luciferian perversion of the Father relating to free will, denying that you either have it, or denying that you still have it after having made unwise choices in the past.

What have we attempted to explain now for several years? You cannot make a choice that cannot be undone through another choice. This is what Lucifer denied or attempted to make people deny. He attempted to make people believe that they could make certain choices for which there was no redemption, such as the concept of original sin.

Again, there is a subtlety. Yes, you cannot overcome the choices made by the human consciousness by staying in the human consciousness. Lifetimes ago, you accepted a certain identity for yourself. This became your higher mental state [at the identity level]. It has determined your perception of life.

Your perception of life is not simply that you receive sense impressions. Perception also has an alpha aspect, the active aspect, where you project out, but what you project is based upon what you have taken in.

You now see a situation where humankind collectively have created many limiting conditions on earth. You now take an individual human being who perceives the conditions currently found on earth. Based on this perception, the person then directs an impulse into the four levels of the material universe—the cosmic mirror. This creates karma.

When the karma comes back, the person will have to deal with it, and naturally, the person wants to escape it. But you cannot escape it with the same level of perception and the same mental state that created the karma in the first place. You will only seek to compensate or get away from it and that will only create another karmic impulse. All of a sudden, you are in a downward spiral that leads you to feel like you are drowning in the Sea of Samsara—and you are. You are drowning in your own karmic return and the collective karmic return created by humankind.

Yes, you cannot escape this on your own. You do need the Christ. You do need a higher state of consciousness. Yet, for that Christ to deliver you, you must make the choice to question your perception, your mental state, to abandon them and to accept Christ as the higher perception, the higher reality.

Yet, because of the combination of the perversion of the Alpha and the Omega, the perversion of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, many people are so attached to their perception and their mental state that they think their current perception is more real than what is offered by the representatives of Christ. Therefore, they say to the representatives of Christ: “You are not real. You are a false teacher. You are a false guru. You have a false teaching.” How many times, my beloved, have we seen people react this way?


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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