Hold the vision for a breakthrough in science

Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 15, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Surely, if you understand the reality described by quantum physics, you will see that if the consciousness of the scientist has a fundamental influence on the scientific observation, then a scientist cannot see – through any scientific means – what he in his consciousness believes does not exist. For you will not see reality, if you put the spyglass in front of the blind eye, as Lord Nelson did at that famous battle of Trafalgar. There are so many people in the scientific community who are very, very close to breaking through. But they are still putting their scientific spyglass in front of the blind eye, for they refuse to see that there could be some spiritual reality to life, that there could be something beyond the material universe, and that their own science has already pointed to that something—if only they would look at it through the objectivity that they claim is the very cornerstone of science.

There are already scientists who have seen the unreality and the limitations of the materialistic paradigm, and who have started to bring forth new observations and new theories. Including theories about the actual intelligence of the cell, and the fact that a human being is not exclusively the product of the DNA, but that the cell itself actually has a form of intelligence, that allows it to respond to the environment and allows it to respond to a greater state of consciousness that is beyond the DNA and what can be encoded in the DNA.

This is already there at the forefront of biology, but of course it has not been recognized by the mainstream of science. For again, you have people here who have been trapped into thinking that by promoting the materialistic paradigm, they are actually working for an ultimate cause, working for some ultimate truth. And they have refused to see, that they are simply being used in order to keep the people pacified through that materialistic paradigm—by believing that they have no in-built ability to fundamentally change their situation in life. And thus, they have become slaves of forces in the material realm.

Many of those who are the scientifically minded people, clearly see that the medieval churches kept people trapped in ignorance because they had made the people believe that they were the subjects to a human, earthly institution, namely the Catholic Church and the Pope. So, what is the irony that these people believe that they are working for the cause of setting human beings free from such slavery, but they fail to see that they have simply created another earthly institution which now defines that there is not – nor can there be – any force beyond the material universe? And what is the logical conclusion of this philosophy? Well, it is that if there is nothing beyond the material universe, then human beings have no possibility whatsoever of ever becoming free of the limitations of the material realm—including those forces who form a power elite and who at any time are setting up their institutions to control the people, using whatever philosophy is prevalent in society, whether it be the medieval Catholic Church or the modern scientific establishment that is based on materialism.


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