God’s chosen people are those who fell out of pride

Ascended Master Saint Germain, July 4, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

When God sent Moses to the Israelites, he did not send him to a particular group of people. This is simply a symbol for a particular state of consciousness. What does it mean to be God’s chosen people? Who were God’s chosen people, and who are they today?

Well God’s chosen people were indeed those who were created in the spiritual realm as the angels, the representatives of God. That was how they were created; they were created to be the angels in the higher realms who would step down the energies of God to the lower realms. And therefore, they were the first creations of God, and therefore one can say that they were chosen by God to play that important role of stepping down the light for everyone else. But when they became intoxicated with their pride and they fell, they maintained their pride and they have maintained it to this day.

And thus, when Moses was sent to the Israelites, he was sent as a symbol for the messenger of God who comes to those who have fallen because of pride. They think they are the most important beings. They think they are God’s chosen people, and that is precisely why they were given the message that they were the chosen people.

Their test was to realize that they were created for a high estate—they were created for a particular high position, but that they could fulfill that position only through the absolute humility, including the humility of being willing to serve those that they considered below them—and those who are in some sense below them because they were created later, they were created to be the sons and daughters of God who evolve up through the material world, up through the Spiritual realms, until they too reach the fullness of the God consciousness with which the angels were created in the beginning.

So truly, when you understand the equation, you realize that being God’s chosen people on earth is not a very high position. Because it meant that you fell through pride, and that you need to go within, to look in the mirror, to look at the beam in your eye instead of looking at the mote in the eyes of those who are below you in rank but are truly not below you in humility. Did not Christ say, “He would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all” (Mark 10:44). And that is indeed another motto that could blaze across the sky for the Aquarian Age.


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