God does not require blood sacrifices

Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 16, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Thus, it is a sad fact that most religions on this planet – at least in their mainstream versions – present the broad way that leads to destruction. They promise you that if you follow their directions, you can be saved without giving up the ego, without looking for and pulling the beam from your own eye. Ah, my beloved, this is such a subtle illusion, and it is so easy for people’s egos to make them believe in this illusion.

Many people who have studied spiritual teachings are actually following this broad way. They think that by studying an outer teaching or practicing certain rituals for invoking light, they can actually be saved without overcoming their egos, without separating themselves from their egos and putting on the mind of Christ. My Beloved, my heart goes out to all those who are trapped in this illusion and who walk what they think is the path to salvation, but it truly is the way that ends up in the death of the soul, the spiritual death of the soul.

I especially feel compassion for the many Christians who are, at this Easter time, thinking they are saved through the blood that Jesus spilled on the cross. It is time and high time, that Christians everywhere realize that our God is a God of unconditional love, and a God of love does not require blood sacrifice as atonement for sins. The entire idea of a blood sacrifice as atonement for sins was a primitive concept that from the very beginning was not understood correctly by the people who received it. Thus, the human ego has, from the very beginning, perverted the concept of a sacrifice. And in every religion where sacrifices have been performed, this perversion has quickly been taken into extremes, and none more so than in the religions that required human sacrifice.

Thus, the idea that Jesus’ death on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice, and the ultimate payment for humankind’s sins, is such a primitive idea that it sometimes truly boggles the mind that anyone in this modern age can believe in it. How can people fail to see that no loving God could possibly require his sons – any of his sons or daughters – to be treated this way as a payment for people’s sins?

The reality is that certain passages in the Scriptures were given in order to help the Jews make the transition from the Old Testament practices of blood sacrifice in the very Temple of God to the new teachings that Jesus came to give—namely that no blood sacrifice was necessary when you reach for the mind of Christ that is the ultimate atonement for sins. Thus, the practice of Holy Communion is not a celebration whereby you eat the blood and flesh of Jesus. It is meant to be a celebration whereby you partake of the wisdom and the love of the Christ mind so that you allow that Christ light to enter your being, where it becomes the leaven that raises the whole loaf of your consciousness. Thereby, you too, attain that mind of Christ and through that Christ mind obtain ultimate freedom from your sins.

My Beloved hearts, how can it be that so many Christians believe in this illusion, even to the point where they are not willing to consider any other teaching than the idea that Jesus’ blood on the cross has washed away their sins? It can be only because their hearts have become closed to the higher truth of God, the Living Truth of Christ that is truly raining upon the just and the unjust every moment of every day.


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