Follow the true path and claim your Christhood

 A message from Jesus through Kim Michaels:

 As I clearly stated: “I am come that all might have LIFE and that they might have it more abundantly.” The trouble is that the true understanding of this statement has been lost, and today hardly anyone – and certainly no mainstream Christian preacher – asks what I could possible have meant by saying that I had come to give people LIFE—as if they did not already have it?

Yet the reality is that the vast majority of people on this planet do not have LIFE—they do not have life in a spiritual sense, although they are physically alive. Spiritual life means knowing and accepting who you are, namely an extension of the Creator’s being, a co-creator with your God. You are neither a sinner nor a highly evolved monkey, you are a unique and uniquely valuable individual being, who has been given the same creative abilities as your Creator.

You can have spiritual life in only one way: through the Christ consciousness. What I came to do was to give people an example of a person who has found this LIFE within himself, thereby demonstrating the ability and potential that all have. So how do you receive this LIFE?

Here is where you need to be alert to a subtle distinction. As I explain in my ego discourses, the main effect of the ego is that it blinds you to reality; it gives you a completely distorted perception of life. Once you step into this mortal or separate self, you have stepped into the death consciousness, because in the here and now, you are who you think you are. And once you are in this state, you cannot get out of it by your own powers. The ego cannot take you beyond the blindness of the ego; you cannot escape the death consciousness through any means seen through the death consciousness.

So you do need something from outside the mental box of your separate self, which is the cause of the idea that you need a savior. Yet that savior is neither an external religion nor a spiritual being who pays for your sins or otherwise does the work for you. The real savior is the Christ consciousness. As the Gospel of John describes, the Christ consciousness was God’s first creation, and nothing in the material world was created without the Christ consciousness.

Thus, you already have access to the Christ consciousness right within yourself, and you can never be separated from it. The idea that the Christ consciousness or Christ is outside this world is the primary lie that the forces of anti-christ want you to accept. In reality, no matter what you have done on earth, you could never lose your potential to put on the mind of Christ.

Yet here is the subtlety. Once you have descended into the death consciousness, you do need two things in order to overcome that consciousness. You need a reminder of who you are and the potential you have, and that is what my life was meant to demonstrate. Yet you also need to receive a spark of the Christ consciousness, a spark of LIFE, which then become like a leaven that raises the “whole loaf” of your consciousness. And if you have not partaken of my “body and blood,” you have no LIFE in you.

When I physically walked the earth, people could receive this spark through me and through those of my apostles who were open doors for the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. Today, all people – Christians or not – receive this spark through the spiritual office that I hold. Yet on the physical level, you can receive it through another person who has a measure of Christ consciousness, and there are many such teachers in many spiritual traditions. Yet you can also receive it through this and our other websites, especially by listening to the spoken dictations I have given.

So I invite you to partake of the bread of LIFE, namely the Christ consciousness. This will give you something that most people cannot even imagine, namely a frame of reference for evaluating what comes from the reality of Christ and what comes from the illusory world of anti-christ. And when sufficient numbers of people become able to “rightly divide the word of truth,” you will see major changes in all aspects of life on this planet. For truly, when you raise your consciousness, you will pull up the collective consciousness, as I clearly stated: “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all people unto me.” 

This is your potential, and you chose to come into embodiment at this critical time in order to fulfill it. Accept nothing less!



Copyright © by Kim Michaels