Experience the Joy of Christ

Ascended Master Jesus, June 16, 2013 through Kim Michaels.

There is, indeed, as the song goes “Joy to the world.” Joy to Russia because of this conference! I, Jesus, am joyful! All of us of the ascended masters are joyful. Those Masters who have spoken at this conference are joyful for the fact that you have come together, that you have raised up a chalice, that we could anchor this flame. Certainly, the flame will be a disturbance to the collective consciousness of Russia, to many people in Russia, even to certain power structures in Russia. They will be not only uncomfortable, they will be challenged.

But you who are the spiritual people can look at the positive. You could look at the glass as being not only half-full but more than half-full and that the light of Christ is rising in the glass. It may, in the not too distant future, start overflowing, even the cup that you have raised up. Visualize the Light of Christ overflowing the Cup of Christ and flowing out to all areas of Russia and the world. This is our great joy, for when the cup is raised up, we will release the light and we will allow it to overflow to a certain measure.

My heart overflows with the Joy of Christ; the joy that many Christians cannot feel for they focus so much on that few hours I was hanging on that cross. Sometimes I get almost cross when I see people focusing so much on my suffering and forgetting that I was resurrected. And in the resurrection there is infinite joy. In the ascension there is infinite joy, as Guru Ma expressed, the joy of being a newly ascended master.

I, of course, have been an ascended master for some time but what is the Christ? Is it not that in Christ everything is new? Thus, I, too, can instantly lock in to the newness of the joy of feeling the ascension flame, and I hope that all of you can lock in to the newness of the joy of feeling the release of light from the ascended masters, not only through an outer messenger but through your own hearts.

Feel the joy! Allow yourself to acknowledge the joy and then bring that joy with you when you leave this conference and nourish it. Let not the spoilers come to you for they will surely come to you and try to take it away from you. If they manage with their subtle schemes to make you go into some reaction, don’t condemn yourself; just come back to the joy. Take some time to go into the stillness, invoke the light, center in your heart, center in my heart and ask me to help you reconnect to the newness and the joy of Christ.

This is my message this day. You have the fullness of the joy of the Ascended Master JesusChrist.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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