Do you still want to hide something?

Ascended Master Serapis Bey, December 18, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

So what will it take for you to consciously enter the ascension spiral? It will take that you make the decision, that you no longer want to hide anything from the ascended masters who are overseeing your personal ascension process. I will work with anyone, whatever level of consciousness they are at. And there is no one on earth who cannot somehow attend some kind of spiritual schoolroom, once they go beyond the school of hard knocks. But I AM Serapis Bey, and I AM the hierarch at the temple at Luxor, the Ascension Temple. The Ascension Temple is not for neophytes on the spiritual path. It is for those who have risen to the advanced stages of the ascension process. That means not everyone is qualified to enter.

What will it take for you to qualify yourself to enter? It will take a realization of what the ascension process is about. First of all, as I said, that you will not seek to hide anything. So if you come to the doors of the Ascension Temple and have not been willing to look at all of the beams in your own eye, well then I, Serapis, must tell you to go somewhere else, to some other retreat. And then, you can come back to me, when you are willing to have me expose to you anything and everything that is not pure. I have no desire to put you down, to condemn you. And thus, if you are not ready to look at something – because looking at that something would make you condemn yourself – then I will, out of mercy, ask you to go elsewhere.

And when you have overcome this lack of self-esteem, then you can come back and enter the Ascension Temple. For it requires a certain level of self-esteem before you can look at any impurities within yourself without going into the negative spiral of condemning yourself, but instead saying: “This impurity is not the real me, and I will not allow it to weigh me down and to hold me back from the ascension initiations. Therefore, I will look it straight in the eye and I will say to it, ‘Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity!’”

“And I am willing to accelerate my sense of self-worth, to where I can indeed look Serapis Bey straight in the eye and say: ‘Master, I welcome your discipline! I welcome your exposure of anything within me, that prevents me from entering the Ascension Temple, that prevents me from taking the next initiation under your guidance. For I love you more than the impurities in my own consciousness, and thus I am willing to have you expose those impurities—that I may come into oneness with you and with the love that is your flame of purity and the ultimate love that is the ascension spiral.‘“

I have no desire whatsoever to have anyone come to me and have something exposed in their beings, that makes them condemn themselves to the point, where they go into a negative spiral and, perhaps for many lifetimes, are not able to again see themselves as worthy to be initiates under Serapis Bey. Thus, I simply redirect those who are not at that point, where they are ready and willing to look at anything in themselves without condemning themselves for having taken on an impurity—that after all is not real and is not the real them.

So what happens when you come to the point, where you are willing to look at anything in yourself, and where you are willing to realize, that no matter what might be exposed, it is only unreality? And thus, when you are willing to surrender your attachment to it – and when you are willing to accelerate the energy – then there is no reason for condemnation, for judgment. There is no reason for accepting the accusation of the accuser of your brethren—that because you have this impurity you are not worthy to transcend it.

The ascension is transcendence

What is the ascension coil all about? It is about transcendence—transcending conditions, transcending impurities. If you have an impurity, I do not sit here, as Serapis Bey, as the master of ascension, and say, “Oh, this is bad. You must now go out into the world and get rid of your impurity and then come back to me.” On the contrary, I, Serapis Bey, look at your impurity and say, “Great! What an opportunity to transcend!”

Do you see, that for me an impurity is not a cause for judgment and condemnation and putting down? It is an opportunity for transcendence, for taking one more step in the ascension spiral, one more step up the spiral staircase. When you can look at it the same way – that no matter what might be exposed, it is only an opportunity for you to transcend – then you are ready to work with me in the pure white light of the Ascension Temple. Until then, it is better for you, that you stay outside of that pure white light, where you can still hide that which you are not yet ready to look at without going into the negative spiral of condemning yourself.

So now what happens when you come to that point, where you are willing to look at anything without condemning yourself, for you have realized that you are a spiritual being? You have realized, as we have said, that you are a conscious self that is an extension of God’s own Being, but that your conscious self is pure consciousness—and therefore cannot be a separate self, cannot be identified with a separate self. You are pure consciousness that nothing can stick to. And that is why you realize, that you can look at any impurity that you have taken into your lower being, and you know that it cannot stick to the real you—for you are pure consciousness. Nothing on earth can stick to you, nothing can color you.

And therefore, you can step out of any sense of separate self and know, that you are MORE, that you can change your perspective. And thus, you realize, that the ascension process is really a process whereby you – the conscious self that you are, the core of your Identity – gradually shifts your perception of self. Until you get out of the polluted perception of the separate self, of any form of separate self, and get back to the pure perception of your pure identity as a spiritual being with certain divine characteristics, that make you a unique individual. But those characteristics are anchored in your I AM Presence, and are not the conditions that you have taken on in your sojourn on earth or in other realms of the material universe, the world of form.

Seek only to raise up all life

And when you come to that realization – that you are pure awareness – then you can fulfill the next requirement for entering the Ascension Temple, namely that you seek only to raise up all life. You do not seek to divide life into those who can be raised and those who should be put down. You do not seek to put down any part of life.

The ascension process, as I said, is an individual process. You will ascend alone, as an individual being. What does that mean? It means that you cannot ascend if you feel responsible for the salvation or ascension of other people. Neither can you ascend if you feel the need to judge, condemn, or put down any other being. Do you hear me? If you feel the need to judge, condemn, put down, or destroy even the devil himself, then you cannot ascend.

God did not put you in charge of deciding who is worthy or not worthy. The Karmic Board is in charge of deciding who is worthy and not worthy to embody on earth. There is a complex equation for deciding which lifestreams should be allowed to embody on planet earth. But it is not an equation that involves a value judgment as to who is worthy and not worthy. It is simply a matter of looking at the current consciousness of humankind, and then seeing whether one particular lifestream resonates with that consciousness and would help to pull up the collective, pull down the collective, pull up itself, pull down itself, by being given the opportunity to embody.

This is a complex process, that the members of the Karmic Board are trained to perform. You as a human being in embodiment on earth have been given the opportunity to embody here. This should cause some humility. For if you had the consciousness, that made you able to judge who should be allowed to embody and who should not, then you would not have needed to embody. In fact, you could not have embodied from that level of consciousness. And thus, the very fact that you are in embodiment means, that you do not have the level of consciousness that makes you qualified to play God and decide who should be allowed to be on earth and who should not.

It is indeed only those who have entered a negative spiral – who have come to believe in the epic dramas created by the fallen ones – who think that they can decide who is worthy and unworthy, that they can single out one person and say this person should not be allowed to be in embodiment, this person should be sent to the second death, this person is in their last embodiment and will never be given another opportunity. If you cannot see that this is simply the judgment, the value judgment that springs from the fallen consciousness, then certainly you are not ready to enter the ascension spiral. For in the ascension spiral you are not seeking to condemn or put down any part of life. You are seeking to accelerate every part of life, so that you can reinforce the collective ascension spiral for your particular area, such as planet earth, and thereby you will pull up all life.

What did Jesus say, when he contemplated entering the ascension? He said, “I, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” He did not say, “I will draw unto me the good men and destroy the bad men.” For if he had said so, he would not have been lifted up into the ascension spiral, for he was still not ready to let go of the epic dramas and the struggle. We in the ascended realm are not sitting around wanting to put down any part of life, not even the devil himself.

If the devil himself – although the devil, as conceived by most people on earth, is not one single being – but nevertheless, if any of the original fallen beings that fell in that first sphere, if they came to us and sincerely applied to raise up their consciousness, then they would receive our help. Of course they would. Any being who sincerely applies, will receive the help of the ascended masters to accelerate beyond their present level of consciousness. This is also your hope of redemption, of salvation, of the ascension.

So in order to enter the ascension spiral, you must focus on raising up life, and you cannot do that if you are focused on judging, on dividing people into those who are good and those who are bad. It simply is not possible. You cannot enter that ascension spiral, if you still have that need, that desire, to judge based on the value judgment. All life is worthy to be accelerated into purity. No impurity can be so impure, that it is not worthy or capable of being accelerated into purity. That is the extreme realism of the fourth ray, and of those who are in the ascending spiral and those who have passed through it and ascended.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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