Dare to question the Church

Ascended Master Jesus, October 28, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

As we have said before: question the unquestionable. Question what no one else has been willing to question. Question why the nation of Britain has a Church which has been around for centuries, yet anyone who is willing to take an honest look can see, that it is not fulfilling the spiritual needs of most of the people. You might question whether it ever fulfilled their spiritual needs, but that is of lesser importance. What is important is that surely you can see that it does not fulfill their needs today. So if the Church is not fulfilling the needs of the people, why are we upholding that Church in its present form instead of changing it? Why indeed, my beloved?

If you are walking down the street and you suddenly feel you have a stone, a little pebble, in your shoe that is hurting you, how many steps do you have to take, before you decide to take your shoe off and remove the pebble? So what is the insanity that prevents an entire nation from standing up and demanding change, so that they have a Church that can fulfill their spiritual needs in this age? Surely, this is the form of insanity that prevented the people from seeing that the emperor was naked. And can you not see, that that form of insanity is completely unreal? It is based on an illusion, and thus it only takes one little boy who will stand up and cry out, so that everyone is suddenly awakened from the illusion and can see what was obvious all along.

And therefore, do you not see that just a few people, if they keep asking the question, can build a momentum. And certainly, if more and more among the top ten percent of the spiritual people in Britain will keep questioning the Church, then it will not take that long before the national awareness shifts and people wake up and realize—this is completely silly, that we maintain this Church when it is not fulfilling anybody’s needs.

You all know that the Catholic Church in America has gone through a very traumatic period with the exposure of the sexual abuse by priests. Well, my beloved, I must tell you that if the Church of England does not start a serious transformation, there will be a fair share of scandals that will be exposed in this Church. For there is much corruption and un-Christ-like behavior going on beneath the surface. I would hope that this could all be transcended, but I must tell you that if the closed system does not open up very quickly, then it will start to break down from within, and you will see how the behavior of Church officials will deliver the death blow to this institution. And if that scandal or those scandals do surface, then, it is not realistic to believe that the Church can actually survive it. For the people will lose their faith in the institution, and thus we will move beyond the potential for the institution to be transformed and renewed, and it must be collapsed and be replaced by something else. And surely, this is a possibility. But I would prefer if the institution could be somewhat renewed.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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