Christhood is not a passive process

Ascended Master MORE, April 17, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Which is why you see that there are religions on this earth that define themselves as being the only true religion, thereby defining the absolute belief that all non-members will burn forever in hell. There are those who have espoused a particular political philosophy as superior to any other, therefore giving rise to the belief that it is justified that they seek to suppress any other philosophy, imposing their own system upon the rest of the world.

And so, you see now how the serpentine consciousness entraps you in this belief—that the forms you see in the material world have some ultimate reality. And thus, you cannot simply walk away from them. You are crucified, by the form, by the image, by the consciousness. And so, as was out-pictured by Jesus, you enter into the drama of life, and they may indeed “crucify” you. And it seems like there was, even for Jesus, nothing he could do but play that role.

Look at the stations of the cross out-pictured here in this place through the Catholic tradition. Jesus is condemned to death. Jesus accepts his cross. However, even that is a passive act of accepting what others want to put upon him. Jesus falls, someone helps Jesus carry the cross, someone wipes his tears, someone attempts to tell him not to go through with this. He is nailed to the cross, he dies, he is taken down, he is put in the tomb. All passive things, my beloved.

And so, what is missing from the steps of the cross, the stations of the cross? Well many things, but for one, my beloved, the reality that Jesus chose to enter into Jerusalem, knowing full well what might happen. And most importantly, while hanging on the cross, he chose to give up the ghost, thereby in an instant putting off that sense of the separate self, my beloved, showing the potential that all of you have to instantly let the old being, the old self die. And thereby not cease to exist, as the false teachers and the ego would have you believe, but indeed being reborn into a greater sense of self, the self that you still are in the eyes of God.


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