Christ shall reign on earth

Ascended Master Jesus, April 8, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

And Christ shall indeed reign forever and ever. And why shall Christ reign forever and ever? Because Christ – the universal Christ consciousness, the Living Word, the LOGOS – is beyond time and space. And thus, the forces of anti-christ have their time and have their day, but they do not have forever. For they cannot transcend the time and space that gives room to their duality. For you see, if they were to transcend duality, they would no longer be the forces of anti-christ but would indeed again come into oneness with the reality of Christ. So I come to you this Easter morning to greet you, and I say to all of you, “The Christ is Risen in You!”

When shall Christ reign on earth?

And indeed, my beloved, there is no question that Christ shall reign forever and ever in the world of form. But there is a question of when Christ shall be able to reign on earth, and that question cannot be answered by me—even though I am ascended to my Father, and even though I have all power in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:18). For you see, having all power on earth does not mean that I, Jesus, can step in and save humankind and roll up the world as a scroll or suddenly bring God’s kingdom into manifestation.

For indeed, I am one with the universal Christ mind which is one with the Father—and thus one with the Father’s will. And what is the Father’s will for earth? Well, it is indeed that the free will of individual co-creators shall be allowed to outplay itself. So even though I have all power in heaven and on earth, I cannot use that power on earth unless someone on earth is willing to become the open door for the Living Word and indeed willing to walk the path of Christhood until they become the Living Word, until they become the Word incarnate. And thus, I can step through the veil through them and have the authority to act on earth through those in embodiment who have come into oneness with the Christ mind.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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