Christ is not confined to anything in this world

Ascended Master Jesus, June 16, 2013 through Kim Michaels.

The Christ Consciousness cannot be confined to an outer Church, or an outer organization, or an outer priesthood, or even a messenger of the ascended masters. The Christ cannot be confined by anything in this world. That is what I came to teach and demonstrate.

“This is my body which is broken for you—all of you.” The body of Christ is broken for all, which means that all have access to it. You can all decide that you are willing to be the open doors and access Christ directly in your heart. Of course, you can also continue, as many who call themselves Christians are doing to this day, upholding the image that Christ is so remote that you need the physical intercession of a Church and a priesthood. That then shows that you are not willing to take responsibility for yourself, and you are not willing to do what it takes to absorb the body and blood of Christ.

What will happen when you take in the body and blood of Christ? Well, as many of you who have been in the spiritual path know, when you take in the light it flushes out and exposes whatever unresolved substance is in your being, what Serapis Bey so eloquently called your “stuff.” You all know this and you all have had the courage to face it, thus you should not have any hesitation to absorbing this Flame of Spiritual Self-Sufficiency and spreading it throughout Russia. And of course, those students in the rest of the world can do exactly the same for their nations.

You, who have been on the path, will not feel that the flame will make you uncomfortable or will expose any more than you are already exposing by your regular practices. You might feel that the flame flows through you and thereby challenges others, those who will not make their own decisions, who will not take responsibility for their own path and who want someone else to make decisions for them. Be not concerned about this. Let the light shine through you and let the light do its work.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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