Calling forth the Judgment of Christ upon the Church of England

Ascended Master Jesus, October 28, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

As my last order of business, I shall make use of the fact that I have a physical messenger who has attained a certain degree of oneness with me, so that I may be physically present in the material realm through this dictation. I shall take advantage of the fact, that so many of you here also have a very high degree of oneness with me, so that you too can be part of anchoring this release of light.

And thus, I hereby – the I AM THAT IAM, Jesus Christ – pronounce the judgment of the Living Christ upon the Church of England, all officials of that Church, all leaders, all members. I pronounce the judgement of Christ upon the blind leaders of the Church of England, and I also pronounce the judgement of Christ upon the blind followers, for surely the followers are the ones who keep the leaders in position. Thus, that judgement is pronounced this day in the physical, and it is the judgement that will divide the way between the real and the unreal. So let it be done, and let that division begin, so that if the Church will not transform itself, will not transcend its old ways, well then what is under the surface must be exposed so that the people can no longer deny it.

Yet I also send out the call that the spiritual people in Britain will realize, that they have a responsibility for making sure that if the Church of England indeed goes down, that the people are not left in a worse spiritual vacuum than they have today, but are indeed pulled out of that vacuum by realizing that there is a universal spirituality beyond these closed dogmatic churches. Only the top ten percent can bring that awareness to the British people, and thereby avoid an even deeper sense of hopelessness and despair that will give rise to an even more intense need for escapism. I call to all the spiritual people in Britain to rise up, to dare to speak out, and dare to express what you know in your hearts: There is more to life, there is more to spirituality than what is expressed in the institutions of society.

Let the people know that there is More. And thus, I say to you: feed my sheep—although they are no longer sheep, for they have risen to a higher level of consciousness, where many of them are ready to see that they are not sheep, and thus they don’t need a fold. They still need a shepherd, but it is not a shepherd on earth, but the true shepherd of the Living Christ that is in the spiritual realm—and that they can find me only by finding me within themselves.

For my beloved, we have spoken about the monarchy. Well, who is the true king of England? Christ is the true king! But Christ rules in the Kingdom of God, and where is that kingdom? Within you! So, let the people of Britain rise up, recognize that Christ is their true king, and that they will only find Christ when they stop looking for him outside themselves and find him in their hearts. Thus, seek me where I AM, for I AM not playing hide-and-seek. I AM willing to be found!


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



Copyright © 2007 Kim Michaels