Asking the unasked questions

Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 22, 2013 through Kim Michaels.

When you have this Christ discernment, you can step back and you can begin to ask some of the millions of questions that people who are trapped in the consciousness of separation simply cannot ask because they cannot even conceive of these questions. I already gave an example of how the scientific elite can sit there and spend billions of dollars researching inconsequential theories, seeking to prove inconsequential theories, while millions of people are starving.

You can ask: “How is it possible that you can have these nations that have such a high degree of material welfare – such that truly no one needs more and certainly no one should want more – as long as there are two billion people or more living under the poverty level and millions of people starving?” Only the consciousness of separation can explain the fact that many among the richest nations are completely absorbed in their affluent lifestyle, only focused on getting more and more money, more and more property, bigger houses, bigger cars, more vacations. And by the way, when they go on vacations, do they go and see how people really live in other parts of world? Nay, they may travel to a country where there are many poor people but they travel to the protected and exclusive tourist resorts that are set up by the international power elite.

What kind of consciousness fails to have compassion for the fact that not everyone has a lifestyle that is worthy of spiritual beings? Well, only the consciousness of separation. I am not here seeking to blame anyone nor am I seeking to shame anyone into changing their approach. I am simply pointing out that what will bring the golden age into manifestation is that millions of people attain a degree of Christ discernment where they naturally begin to ask these questions and ask them publicly, project them out publicly through all means available to them. This ranges from discussing this with their acquaintances to writing about it in any outlet where there is an opening, and even creating outlets where there is no opening such as creating organizations that seek to raise awareness about these issues. This includes the organization Mother Mary outlined the last time we gave a conference here in Kazakhstan, of an organization raising the awareness of the issues related to women. But there are many other such organizations that can be created to raise awareness of particular issues.

For that matter, it is possible to create a worldwide umbrella organization that has as its goal to raise awareness through all means possible. This, of course, is an endeavor that will require many people of a variety of experiences. You may say: “Well, what about the United Nations, is that not one of the purposes behind the United Nations?” Certainly it could be, but right now it is not being fulfilled as I envision it for there are, of course, not enough people who dare to openly acknowledge that life has a spiritual side. Society, civilization cannot fulfill its potential if we do not acknowledge that life has a spiritual side. There is only so far we can go as human beings. Only when we achieve Christ discernment, will be able to step back and ask the questions that we cannot even ask from the consciousness of separation.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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