Archangel Michael binds the forces of anti-christ

Ascended Master Archangel Michael, July 24, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

I now speak to all who call themselves the followers of Jesus Christ, all who call themselves Christians, and I dare you to read the scriptures that you consider to be the infallible word of God and see how many times your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ challenged those who promoted the outer path, those who had set themselves up as the only doorway to the kingdom of heaven, those who said to the people, “You can reach God only through us, you can be saved only through our religion.”

This is the lie that Jesus challenged on so many occasions—and he did so on many more occasions than recorded in the scriptures. He challenged this lie wherever he met it. And these were the people who would not bend the knee before the Living Christ, even though he stood before them. And they were the ones who attacked him, who plotted against him and who eventually killed the Living Christ. And after they had killed the Living Christ, they attempted to kill his followers. And when they could not kill all of his followers, they attempted to kill his teaching.

And they have been so successful that the vast majority of Christians today simply could not recognize the true teachings that Jesus gave—if they encountered those teachings as they can do in the books brought forth through this messenger. They simply would not dare to accept that Jesus Christ could say something that goes beyond their doctrines. And yet those doctrines are based on the lies of anti-christ that the kingdom of God is somewhere outside yourself.

I now come to bind those forces of anti-christ who are promoting this lie. And I send billions of angels to the four corners of the earth to bind these forces wherever they are found in Church and state. And I say, by the authority you have given me through my rosary, “Thus far and no farther! They shall not stand! They shall not destroy the true teachings of Jesus Christ! They shall not prevent the souls of light on this planet from knowing the true teachings of Jesus Christ and the reality of the inner kingdom!”

They have set themselves up as the authority between heaven and earth, between humanity and their God. And this is no longer allowed in this day and age. And I ask each and every one of you, who might hear or read this dictation, to use your free will to give my rosary and to affirm within you the truth, the reality, that the kingdom of God is inside yourself, and to affirm with me that the forces of anti-christ, who promote the lie of the outside kingdom and the outer path, shall not stand and shall not take over the earth.

And therefore I ask you to make the firm decision in your hearts that you will be the true followers of Jesus Christ in this age, that you will dare to look beyond the false doctrines of anti-christ promoted by the orthodox churches. You will dare to look for the inner kingdom, to go within, to find that kingdom and to let your light shine before men. Because truly, “A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”

Therefore I say to you, the true path, that has been preached by the ascended masters from the beginning of time, is the path, not only of the inner kingdom, but the path that when you manifest that kingdom, you become one with God while you are still on earth. And therefore, you become the Body of God here below, as we of the ascended masters are the Body of God Above.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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