Starting to see through the deceptions of anti-christ

A message from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

I am come to give you a teaching that is extremely important for those who walk the path to personal Christhood. The essence of my teaching is that as you step on to the path, you need to anticipate that your progress will be challenged by the prince of this world. Wise is the student who anticipates this and therefore learns to recognize the tempter at the earliest possible moment. It is only by anticipating the challenge and by recognizing it early that you can avoid becoming trapped in a downward spiral of reasoning with the Prince of this world and his Serpentine logic.

My beloved friends, there is the mind of Christ and there is the mind of anti-christ. There is nothing in between. As I said, “You cannot serve two masters.” And as Moses said, “Choose life.” There is nothing in between the mind of Christ and the mind of anti-christ. If you are not in the mind of Christ, then you are in the mind of anti-christ. Take note of the subtle distinction here.

 The mind of anti-christ

The mind of anti-christ is the mind of duality. This mind sets up two dualistic opposites, two relative extremes, such as the polarities of good and evil. When you are trapped by this dualistic mind, you think in terms of black and white. Yet this is nothing but a smokescreen, set up by the prince of this world to fool those who have not yet attained a glimpse of the Christ mind. For example, many Christians are so concerned about anti-christ that they have been fooled into thinking that it always appears as the devil himself. Therefore, they think that an idea which is anti-christ is easy to recognize because it is dark or contradicts the Bible (especially their interpretation of the Bible). Yet in reality the entire range of dualistic consciousness is the consciousness of anti-christ.

Take note of what I am saying. Surely, many of the dark, egotistical or manipulative ideas are expressions of the mind of anti-christ. Yet what most people, especially many religious people, will not acknowledge is that even most of the ideas and practices that human beings call “good” are also expressions of the mind of anti-christ. This is a truth that will make many people uncomfortable, yet it is a truth that must be acknowledged by all those who are willing to step on to the path of personal Christhood.

What is the essence of the path to Christhood? It is that you increase your ability to discern between that which is of God and that which is not of God, between that which is of the mind of Christ and that which springs from the mind of anti-christ. The mind of anti-christ is the mind that keeps you separated from God and prevents you from knowing, “I and my Father, meaning my I AM Presence, are one.”

The mind of anti-christ is the mind of duality, and as long as you are trapped in that mind, you can go around in circles for an indefinite period of time. It is quite possible that a person doing this can believe that he or she is on the path to salvation. Such a person will often set up an outer standard and say that as long as you believe in all the right doctrines, do all the right things and don’t do any of the wrong things, your salvation is guaranteed. This is the sense of righteousness shared by the scribes and Pharisees of old, and you might remember that I denounced their righteousness and clearly stated that unless you go to a higher level of righteousness, namely the righteousness of the Christ consciousness, you cannot enter Heaven.

 Be willing to be uncomfortable for a time

I am fully aware that for those who are new to the path of Christhood, this teaching will be uncomfortable and confusing. After all, every human being has been brought up with dualistic beliefs, which claim that certain ideas are true and good while others are wrong and of the devil. If what you have been brought up to believe is good is not truly good, then what can you trust? This leads to the dilemma that all sincere spiritual seekers must face. You have been brought up to accept many dualistic lies, and those lies have given you a sense of security and comfortability. They have formed the platform for your life and have given you a secure world view. Yet that world view is a house built on sand, the sand of the consciousness of duality.

In order to progress on the spiritual path, you need to move away from the sand and step on to the rocky ground of the Christ consciousness. Yet the first step you must take is to recognize that you are standing on sand, meaning that many of your beliefs are out of alignment with the truth and the reality of God. Admitting this will be uncomfortable to every single one of you. There is no human being who is an exception to this, and I can assure you that I was not an exception to it myself.

All those who have walked the spiritual path have had to face the fact that in order to move forward, we have to leave behind some of the beliefs that make us feel comfortable. In fact, if you are to make maximum progress on the path, you must be willing to question any and all of your outer beliefs. You must be willing to endure the discomfort of questioning your outer beliefs, and in the end you will have to question every single one of your dualistic beliefs.

Therefore, the path to personal Christhood is a path for those who are willing to be uncomfortable in order to make progress. As my beloved colleague, the master El Morya has said, “The trek upward is worth the inconvenience.” Yet in the beginning, you will mostly experience the inconvenience, and you will experience only a little of the reward. That is why no one can make progress without a certain amount of faith, which, as the Bible says, is the evidence of things not seen. You have to be willing to trust that if you endure the discomfort of questioning your beliefs, you will eventually find the answers you are looking for and attain a sense of peace that is not built on your outer beliefs but on an inner recognition of truth.

The key of knowledge

The key to walking the spiritual path is to recognize that you have an ability to know truth inside yourself. This is what I called the “key of knowledge,” and you will remember that I challenged the lawyers who had taken it out of the orthodox religion. Those same lawyers are still with you on this planet today, in fact many of the lawyers that I challenged 2,000 years ago have reincarnated as the leaders of Christian churches. They have, once again, taken away the key of knowledge and claim that you cannot know truth on your own but that you must follow outer doctrines.

This is a lie, and you cannot start the path to personal Christhood until you see through and challenge that lie. You cannot start the path until you are willing to challenge your outer beliefs, even challenge the authorities who gave you those beliefs and who claim that they are infallible. You must be willing to go within and make contact with your Christ self and seek answers from that source.

You see, my beloved, this is the essential key to walking the spiritual path. The key is that you must begin to find answers from within instead of allowing any outer authority, be it your ego, a religious authority, your best friend or someone who claims to be a spiritual teacher, to tell you what is true. The central point is that you must begin to trust the direction you get from within, so that you will not let anyone outside yourself sway you from the path. And when I say anyone outside yourself, I also mean your personal ego because that truly is also something that is outside your Self.

When you have this understanding, it becomes very clear to you that the path to Christhood is a series of decisions that you must make. Only you can make those decisions, and the you that is making the decisions is the conscious you, your conscious mind. Yet the key to making decisions is to have accurate and complete information. So the question is whether you make your decisions in life based on an outer authority or the inner authority of your Christ self?

What I have given on this website are teachings and tools that can help you establish a conscious contact with your Christ self. Thereby, you can get inner answers that go beyond the outer teaching. It was never my intention, and this has been stated clearly in several places for those who have ears to hear, that the teachings on this website should become of replacement for the directions from your Christ self.

It was my intention to give you a foundation that would enable you to tell the difference between the true teachings from your Christ self and the false teachings from the prince of this world. If you use the teachings on this website for this purpose, you will do justice to my efforts to set you free. If you allow the teachings on this website to become an infallible doctrine that prevents you from thinking on your own, then you are misusing my teachings and betraying my intent.

Do you see my point here? Even a true teaching can be misused and become a tool for the forces of anti-christ that seek to pull you away from the inner oneness with your Christ self and I AM Presence.

Why are you tempted?

With this in mind, let us take the next step. You need to recognize that your soul was not born into the duality consciousness. As I explain throughout this website, and as Mother Mary has explained, your soul made choices that gradually caused you to descend into the duality consciousness. You decided to move away from God, until you reached a turning point. Everyone who is open to this website reached that turning point a long time ago, and since then you have been walking the path that brings you closer and closer to oneness, first with your Christ self, then with your I AM Presence and then with God.

Yet the key I would give you here is that walking the path is a matter of reversing the process that took you away from oneness. You moved away from oneness because you came to accept certain lies that spring from the consciousness of separation and duality. You were tempted with these lies, as Eve was tempted in the Garden of Eden. You were tempted by the Serpent and the serpentine logic.

By accepting a number of serpentine lies, you gradually moved away from oneness without even realizing what was happening. Therefore, the key to moving back toward oneness is that you must see through the very serpentine lies that took you away from oneness. You must see through these lies, and you must decide to replace the old decisions with new decisions that bring you closer to oneness. 

Beyond the intellect

The essential key here is that this process is not a matter of moving toward a higher and more sophisticated human or intellectual understanding. As I said earlier, the dualistic mind has set up two extremes, and most people have been brought up to accept that these two extremes are accurate and in alignment with the reality of God. Therefore, most spiritual seekers believe that certain ideas are not spiritual, whereas other ideas are truly spiritual.

Many seekers also believe that the more complex and sophisticated an idea or teaching seems to the intellect, the more spiritual the teaching must be. There are even those who claim to be spiritual teachers and who seek to impress their students with a very complicated teaching, claiming that only the sophisticated students can grasp the teaching. In reality, the truth of Christ is not hard to understand, and it does not require a sophisticated intellect. On the contrary, a sophisticated intellect can often keep a student trapped in dualistic arguments that can go on forever. That is why I said that unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom.

Many of the ideas that the religions of this world portray as being true simply form the opposite polarity to what those same religions proclaim to be the ideas of anti-christ. So you see, even that which many religions claim to be truth springs from the consciousness of anti-christ, the serpentine mind.

The scribes and the Pharisees believed they had a very sophisticated understanding of the spiritual laws. And indeed, they had a very sophisticated intellectual understanding of the doctrines of the outer religion. Yet many of the ideas that they thought were true actually sprang from the consciousness of duality, and therefore those ideas would take people away from the inner oneness with their Christ selves. 

No outer salvation 

I am not saying that all of the ideas espoused by the scribes and Pharisees, or all of the ideas promoted by the world’s religions, are necessarily false. Some of them are true teachings, yet they have been overlaid by a subtle culture and belief system that tricks people into believing that God is outside themselves and that the doorway to Heaven is outside themselves. And thereby, even a true idea can become perverted into serving the cause of anti-christ by taking you away from oneness with the inner Christ.

As I said, “The kingdom of God is within you,” and you will never find the kingdom of God until you stop looking for it outside yourself. The key, whereby you can personally enter the kingdom of God, is not found on this website, nor is it found in any other spiritual teaching or practice. The key to your entrance into the kingdom of God is found inside yourself. Therefore, if a teaching encourages you to look for the key of knowledge outside yourself, then that teaching is actually serving the cause of anti-christ by keeping you trapped in the consciousness of duality.

My point being that anything which takes you away from the inner oneness with your Christ self is a distraction from your spiritual progress. Therefore, you must learn to recognize ideas and practices that tempt you away from following what you know is true in your heart. This includes spiritual teachings and other people who claim to be spiritual teachers.

Being constantly vigilant

My point here is that in order to walk the spiritual path, you must make the sacrifice of being constantly alert and vigilant. As I have said many times, there is no automatic path to Christhood. You cannot step on to a train, sit back and relax, and expect the train to take you to your destination. The spiritual path is like walking a road, and that road has many forks. Each fork represents a decision that only you can make.

The essence of the decision is whether you will continue to affirm an idea that springs from the mind of anti-christ or whether you will finally see through that lie and denounce it by accepting the truth of Christ that replaces the lie and thereby makes you free. Yet that path is not automatic; it is a path that you must walk consciously and willingly. You must be willing to endure the discomfort of challenging the beliefs with which you are comfortable. And you must be willing to deal with the challenge of constantly being alert, as you are exposed to some of the multitude of dualistic ideas that are constantly bombarding anyone who lives on this planet.

You need to be aware that, as a spiritual seeker, you will be challenged and tempted by ideas that spring from the consciousness of anti-christ. In many cases this temptation will be presented by other people. And as I said earlier, do not expect that these tempters will appear with two horns and hoofed feet. Instead, you should expect that they will appear in a disguise. These are the false prophets, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, and many of them will appear in the disguise of spiritual teachers or those who claim to be advanced students. They will say they have walked the path and are beyond you, and therefore they can tell you how you should walk your path.

I am not hereby saying that you should never listen to advice from anyone. Obviously, you can always benefit from those who are ahead of you on the path. However, what I am saying is that you need to be alert to any situation where someone is trying to tempt or manipulate you into ignoring, doubting or overriding your inner direction.

Beware the false teachers

There are true teachers and there are false teachers. The true teachers will seek to help you establish a clear contact with your Christ self, so that you can get answers from within. The false teachers will always seek to insert themselves between you and your Christ self. They will use many different lies to do this, and you need to learn how to recognize them.

Some of the more obvious lies are found in the major religions of the world, including the Catholic Church. They claim that you cannot know truth on your own, but that truth can be known only through the scriptures and the doctrines of the Church. This is an obvious ploy that all mature spiritual seekers have seen through lifetimes ago, and that is indeed why they are on the spiritual path instead of sitting in their Catholic churches passively receiving from the pulpit. Yet there are many ploys that are far more subtle, and they come in many enticing disguises.

If you will spend some time meditating on this and seeking direction from your Christ self by using the tools I give on this website, including the rosaries of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael, you can quickly learn to recognize the lies. The tempter always comes to take you away from your inner sense of oneness. You can see an example of this by studying how I was tempted after my stay in the wilderness. This situation was really a symbol of what happens when you walk the spiritual path.

Sometimes, in order to make progress on the path, you need to withdraw yourself from the world, not necessarily in a physical manner, but you withdraw from the consciousness of this world, the activities of this world and the beliefs of this world. You come apart from the consciousness of duality, so that you can be undisturbed and go within to establish a connection with your Christ self.

Yet when you have established that connection, you come back into the world, and you must anticipate that the consciousness of this world, the prince of this world, will be right there to tempt you away from the oneness you attained while you were apart. Therefore, the prince of this world will come to see if he has something in you, whereby he can tempt you into a dualistic reaction that takes you away from oneness.

Why does God allow you to be tempted?

You may think that God should have taken the Serpent away from this world so that you were not tempted. However, that would be a violation of the Law of Free Will. God gave you free will, and you have the right to choose what you will believe and what you will allow to exist in your world. Human beings chose to believe in the serpentine lies, and therefore it is human beings who allow the Serpent and his representatives to remain on Earth.

God can remove the serpents at any time, because truly Archangel Michael has the power to consume the Serpent with the fire that consumes all unlike itself. Yet until a critical mass of people separate themselves from the consciousness of the Serpent, the law does not allow the Serpent to be removed.

In order to make progress on the spiritual path, you have to see through and replace the decisions that caused you to move away from oneness. Therefore, the law allows the Serpent to tempt you. When you take a step closer to oneness, it is allowed that the forces of this world tempt you with the decisions that caused you to move away from oneness. You must be confronted with those decisions, so that you have the opportunity to consciously put them behind you. Thereby, you permanently remove them from your being, so that they cannot pull you down any more.

In order to rise to Christhood, you must separate yourself from the consciousness of the Serpent. One might say that a wrong decision is like a stick of iron in your energy field, and the magnetic pull of the consciousness of this world is constantly pulling on that iron, thereby pulling on your mind and emotions. So only by throwing out that stick of iron will you be free from the magnetic pull.

My point here is that as you walk the path to Christhood, you will make things easier for yourself if you will make the effort to learn how to recognize the tempter. Truly, that tempter will come to you every time you take a step forward on the path and this is the way it will be as long as you are here on Earth. There will not come a time when you are no longer tempted. As long as you are in a physical body, you will be tempted, yet the higher you move on the path of personal Christhood, the easier it will be for you to see through the temptations and therefore walk right through them as if they never even existed. That is when the prince of this world comes to you, but he has nothing in you.

How to deal with the tempter

How do you deal with the temptation? You deal with it the same way I did when I was tempted by the devil. You rebuke the tempter and his temptation, you rebuke the false idea by affirming the truth. Take note that I rebuked the devil, I did not argue with him or reason with him. I simply stated the truth that refuted the devil’s temptation. I did not attempt to convince him that he was wrong because had I done so, I would have become involved in a dualistic argument that would have tied me to the consciousness of the devil.

You see, when the tempter presents you with a particular idea, it is not his primary purpose to make you accept that idea. His overall purpose is to tempt you into arguing about the idea, so that you are pulled into the dualistic state of consciousness. You are thereby tempted to engage in a dualistic argument, and the tempter does not care who is right or who ends up being convinced.

The tempter’s only goal is to keep you trapped in the consciousness of duality, and even if you think you have won the argument, you can still be trapped in that consciousness. Therefore, you might think you have won the battle, but you have lost the war. The tempter has won because he has managed to keep you trapped in the dualistic state of consciousness.

Yet take note that I was not silent in the face of the devil’s temptations. I rebuked the devil but I did so in a way that was non-attached. I stated the truth without arguing or reasoning. Also, take note that I cast the money changers out of the Temple, when they had entered the house of God and were parading their wares of false beliefs, false doctrines and dualistic ideas. Take note that I challenged the scribes and the Pharisees and anyone else who promoted dualistic ideas. This is the essence of the path to Christhood, namely that you do not remain passive in the face of evil.

From self-centered to God-centered

There are many people who consider themselves to be spiritual teachers or advanced spiritual students, yet they promote a path that is completely self-centered. They make it seem like all that matters is you and your personal growth. Yet truly, to walk the path of Christhood, you must come to the point, where you are no longer walking that path for your own sake. You are not walking the path to attain your own spiritual growth or to feel that you are somehow more advanced than others.

There must come a point where you walk the path only to serve others and thereby serve the cause of God, which is to set all people free from duality. The Christ is not a person who seeks his own spiritual growth. The Christ is a person who recognizes that all life is one, and therefore the Christ is here to awaken those who are spiritually dead. He seeks to awaken people to the true life of the Christ consciousness, as opposed to the death of the dualistic state of consciousness.

My point is that a Christed being cannot ignore evil and cannot remain passive in the face of evil. Yet the Christed being will not fight evil by engaging evil at its own level of consciousness. The Christed being stays above the dualistic consciousness, and therefore he or she brings the truth that will make people free.

Some people will reject that truth, and a Christed being accepts the fact that these people have their free will and therefore have the right to reject Christ truth. In the face of this rejection, a Christed being remains at peace, remains non-attached, and that non-attachment then becomes the judgment of the people who reject the living Christ.

My point for giving you this long discourse is to show you that you have two challenges on the path to Christhood. You must go through a phase, where you establish the connection to your Christ self, which is the only way to learn how to discern the difference between the ideas that are truly of Christ or ideas that only claim to be of Christ but in reality spring from the duality consciousness.

As you attain that inner recognition, you must dare to let your light shine before men and bring them the truth that can make them free—if they accept it. You never seek to force people into accepting truth. It is your role to present them with truth so that they have an alternative to the dualistic ideas of human “right” and human “wrong.” And once you have given them that truth, you leave it up to them whether they will accept or reject it. You allow them to judge themselves based on their acceptance or rejection of Christ truth.

Learn how to recognize the tempter

My point is that you must be constantly alert because whenever you interact with other human beings, you can anticipate that some people will become exponents for the consciousness of the tempter. This does not mean that you should judge these people as being evil or being of the devil. You simply recognize that a person is temporarily believing in a dualistic lie and is therefore – knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly – becoming a tool for the tempter.

Because you know that the law allows the tempter to tempt you, you have no need to be angry with the other person. You do not judge the person in a negative way, yet neither do you enter into the consciousness that you have to convert the person or convince others of the errors of their ways. You should recognize that what you are dealing with is not the outer person who promotes the idea. When you look behind the surface, what you are dealing with is the tempter himself who is speaking through that person. Therefore, you deal with the outer person as if it was the tempter himself. You simply state truth and rebuke the error without becoming attached to convincing the other person of anything.

If you look at the world and the long history of how ideas have influenced humankind, you will see that most people have been enveloped in a struggle between two dualistic ideas and belief systems. This has caused numerous well-meaning people to spend lifetimes engaged in this dualistic struggle, thinking they were fighting for a good cause, while they were only serving the cause of the prince of this world. As long as people are trapped in this dualistic struggle, the devil is firmly in control of this planet.

What I desire to see it is that those who are the Christed beings on Earth will see through this dualistic struggle and decide to rise above it. How do you rise above it? By turning the other cheek, by not resisting evil but by stating Christ truth and rebuking evil without engaging it. To do this, you must remain true to the highest truth that you can currently grasp in your heart. You must never let any outer force, including your own ego, take you away from what you feel is true in your heart. I am not saying that what you feel in your heart is necessarily the highest possible truth. You should always be open to the fact that your Christ self can give you a higher truth at any moment. Yet what I am saying is that you should never let an outside force cause you to doubt or deny the truth you see in your heart. 

The temptation of Eve

Take note of the inner meaning behind the story of how Eve was tempted by the Serpent in the garden of Eden. Eve had been told not to eat of the fruit of the knowledge and good and evil, which is truly a symbol for the consciousness of duality. She had been told by her spiritual teacher that if she ate of that fruit, she would surely die. How did the Serpent tempt Eve? He did so by inserting the element of doubt into her consciousness. He said, “Thou shalt not surely die.”

Eve believed this lie, and therefore she ate the forbidden fruit. Many people look at this story and say, “But the Serpent was right, Eve did not die.” Yet what these people do not understand is that the word “death” was used to mean spiritual death. Eve died in the sense that she lost her oneness with the spiritual teacher and with her I AM Presence, and that loss of oneness is truly spiritual death.

It is true that the soul can still continue to exist, at least for a time. Yet the immortal spiritual being created by God has now become a mortal human being, which must continue to reincarnate until it either runs out of opportunity or climbs back to the Christ consciousness, whereby it regains its true identity as a son or daughter of God.

The lesson of the story is that because Eve had blindly accepted a direction from outside herself, she had not fully internalized the lesson given by the teacher. She had accepted what the teacher said, but she saw it as coming from somewhere outside herself. Therefore, the outer authority of the teacher could be cast into doubt by another external authority that presented itself in a convincing manner.

My beloved, do you see why this website continually stresses the need to go within and make contact with the inner authority of your Christ self? If you receive a truth from inside yourself, that truth becomes internalized into your being, so that it will not be cast into doubt by an outer authority. No matter how an external authority will tempt you, you stand firm on the rock of Christ and can therefore withstand the winds of the tempter, as they attempt to blow down your house.

The role of a Christed being

Take note that no true teacher ever said that you have to be open to any idea presented to you. It is not the role of a Christed being to be tolerant of every idea. It is the role of a Christed being to discern between ideas that are of God and ideas that spring from the consciousness of anti-christ. The Christed being will then denounce the errors and the lies by stating the truth. 

Likewise, it is not the role of a Christed being to tolerate any human being or any type of behavior. It is the role of the Christ not to judge by a dualistic standard but to challenge people’s incorrect beliefs or unloving behavior. And if people will not let go of those beliefs but continue in their ways, then the Christed being has a right to say that, “I simply do not have time to deal with you. It is my role to help those who are open to coming up higher in consciousness, so there is a limit to how much time I will spend on those who are not willing to challenge their egos, their erroneous beliefs.”

It is also the role of the Christ to defend those who are not yet firmly anchored on the path and who can therefore be manipulated by those with sophisticated intellects and impure intentions. The tempter is not a passive force. It is a very aggressive force, and it uses a form of aggressive mental suggestion to insert ideas into people’s minds, ideas that pull them into the consciousness of doubt. No truly spiritual community can survive without taking measures to defend itself from the onslaught of the prince of this world.

I would love to raise every human being on this planet to the level of the Christ consciousness. Yet I am a practical realist and I practice the art of the possible. Therefore, I focus my attention on those who are willing to walk the path because I know that if I raise up those who are closest to Christhood, they will form a magnet that will pull up the rest of humanity. If I instead went to those who are firmly trapped in duality and attempted to raise their consciousness, it would take much longer to change this planet. And as Mother Mary has attempted to explain, we simply do not have time to wait for those who will not change. We have to raise the consciousness of those who are willing to change and who are willing to do something to transform the negative energies that burden this planet by giving a rosary or other spiritual practices. I do not need those who will empty themselves, I need those who will allow themselves to be filled with light, so that they radiate that light and become miniature suns that will dispel the darkness covering the Earth.

There is a tendency for those who are the most loving people to also be the most passive people. Often, the people who have the most loving hearts, and therefore in some respects are closer to Christhood, are reluctant to speak out and challenge the lie and the error.

Yet, as I have attempted to explain, there comes a point where you cannot make further progress unless you start looking beyond your own comfortability and begin to work for the growth of others by bringing them the truth that will make them free. And yes, because there is so much error in this world, bringing the truth also means that you must be willing to challenge the lie wherever it appears. And if challenging the lie makes you uncomfortable, then you need to be willing to deal with that discomfort so that you can rise to a higher level of Christhood. The question is always that you must choose whom you will serve, the mind of Christ or the mind of anti-christ. You must choose to be or not to be. And as always, I say, “Choose life!”




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