A society progresses through accelerating the collective consciousness

Ascended Master Serapis Bey, November 26, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

This may be, at first, a foreign concept to many societies in the West. But it is only foreign because you have not realized, that society has been doing this literally for centuries, if not for millennia. How does a society progress to a distinctly different level? It happens in only one way.

First, some people among the population begin to accelerate their individual consciousness beyond a certain level of consciousness. And then, as a critical mass is reached, then there is what physics calls a phase transition, where suddenly others start falling in line with the people who are the forerunners. And now, there is a shift in the collective consciousness. Surely there may still be some that are lagging behind, but there has been a shift in the collective consciousness. And suddenly, what was seen as an insurmountable obstacle a short while ago, is now seen for what it really is: just another condition, that we can find a way to overcome.

Look at your modern societies. Compare them to societies, how it was 200 years ago, 500 years ago, a thousand years ago. Project yourself into the mindset that people had back then. Realize that there were so many things they looked at as the insurmountable obstacles. And today, you look at the same conditions and you take it for granted, that you can go beyond those obstacles.

Just consider, as one simple example, how you have all come to this event from some distance. Then consider how 200 years ago, how long it would have taken you to come from your homes to this particular location. For some of you it would have taken weeks, and now you could accomplish it in a couple of hours with an airplane or in a few more hours with a car or a train.

Can you see, that what you take for granted today, seemed like an insurmountable obstacle for the people of not very long ago. And then, can you not also project yourself into the future and realize, that if history is any example, then humankind will continue to raise its awareness, to raise its consciousness. And there will be a time, where some of the obstacles you consider insurmountable today, will be seen as quite simple problems, that nobody even worries about anymore.

And so, can you not then realize, that the step, that could help both you personally and society, would be if people would realize, that we have already been accelerating our consciousness. But if we focused on this consciously and learned to do it more consciously, then we could speed up the acceleration rate.

And therefore, we could very quickly accelerate our societies out of some of the conditions that we currently think are a threat to those societies—be it the financial crisis, be it unrest or unpeace or conflicts that we think are insurmountable. And truly, they ARE insurmountable, when you look at them through the filter of a certain state of consciousness. And that is why you will never see the solution, when you look through the filter.

You can only transcend the problem by accelerating your consciousness to a higher level, where you can now see what you could not see before. And now, with your new awareness, your new vision, the solution suddenly becomes obvious. And this is the power of the fourth ray, when you understand the true inner aspect of it as acceleration.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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