A higher understanding of the fall

Ascended Master El Morya, October 21, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

I must tell you quite honestly that a substantial portion of those who call themselves spiritual people have – instead of manifesting their Christhood – entered into a state of consciousness that is in opposition to their Christhood, where they actually believe that they are the most spiritual people, the most sophisticated people, on the planet. Yet I must tell you that they are in the state of consciousness that is the characteristic, the hallmark, of the fallen angels.

Sometimes when people will not hear an outer teaching, we have no other opportunity to reach them than to try and push their buttons so that we jolt them out of the stagnating vision, that stale vision that has become like the water in a pond that stands still until it becomes rotten and starts to stink. And not even the animals will drink of it anymore, yet sadly many people continue to drink of such a stale pond. And they explain away the stench as somehow coming from the world or by some other convoluted excuse.

So let me now give you a higher understanding of the concept of fallen angels. For you see, God did not create fallen angels. This should be easy to see, for how could a perfect God create anything imperfect? Yet going all the way back to the Christian religion and beyond, there are many people who believe that the devil was created to fall, to sin, to be in opposition to God. There are even those in the New Age movement who believe that evil is a necessary polarity to God, and without it the universe would not be complete. There are even those who believe in the illusion that it was only by falling, by rebelling against God, that people gained their freedom and that they were meant to do so.

Well, the reality is that God never created anyone imperfect, evil or dark. Nor did God create anyone to fall or to sin. It is not God’s intention that anyone needs to fall or rebel against God’s will. But because of free will, people – self-conscious beings – have the opportunity to rebel. This is an inevitable consequence of free will. So the reality is that God and the spiritual beings in higher realms never created any imperfect beings. They created self-conscious beings that were created in the immaculate concept and were given free will, so that they have the opportunity to co-create their identity according to their own choices.

How is it then possible that such a being can fall? Well, it is possible because as a consequence of free will, there must be the possibility to go against the will of God. And what enables you to stay one with the will of God, with the law of God, is the Christ consciousness, where you see yourself as one with your own higher being, going all the way up to the Creator. And in that oneness, you would never even dream of going beyond God’s law. Instead, you express your creativity and your free will within the framework of God’s Law, whereby you raise up all life.

Yet in order for free will to be complete, in order for there to be the opportunity to go against God’s Law, the Christ consciousness must have an opposite, which is the consciousness of anti-Christ. Now, please do not fall into the illusion of thinking that the consciousness of anti-christ is somehow necessary in order for the Christ to be complete. The Christ consciousness is completely self-sufficient and does not need an opposite polarity. The Christ mind does not need an enemy to fight because the Christ mind is above and beyond duality.

God needs no opposite. And therefore, evil is not the opposite polarity of God. Likewise, Christ needs no opposite. And therefore the mind of anti-christ is not an opposite polarity of the mind of Christ. It is simply outside of the mind of Christ. It is outside of the oneness of the mind of Christ, removed from the oneness of the mind of Christ. And although this removal, this separation, is only an illusion, those who step into the sphere of the consciousness of anti-christ will think the separation is real, possibly even created by God.

So what makes it possible for an angel in a previous sphere to become a fallen angel? Well, it is that the angel refuses to step up to the point of becoming self-sufficient. And that, of course, is the point of Christhood, the point of Christhood where you know the kingdom of God is within you. And therefore, you are a complete and whole and self-sufficient being, who can be the sun that radiates light from within itself, because it is your God Flame, out of which you came, that radiates through you.

And this is the real definition of Christhood—that you are a spiritual sun, s-u-n. And thereby you become what has been known as the son, s-o-n, of God. Because now you know you are the offspring of God and you identify yourself as such. Yet those lifestreams in higher realms, who refused to step up to that level of Christhood, had no other way to go than to separate themselves from Christhood. And when the sphere in which they lived was raised in vibration, then they had to step away from Christhood and they had to step into the realm of duality, the realm of anti-Christ.

In the realm of duality, there is any number of states of consciousness that have been created. All of these states of consciousness were unreal. Originally, of course, they did not exist. But as beings have fallen and entered into that state of consciousness, then they have created a certain state of consciousness, a certain world view, a certain momentum that has then gradually transcended any one individual and has taken on a life of its own as a mass entity, as a conglomerate of consciousness.

What makes it possible for a being to fall is that it steps outside of the Christ consciousness and steps into that consciousness, a certain consciousness, that exists in the realm of duality. And it starts looking at the world from inside that consciousness. It starts identifying itself with that consciousness. For as we have explained, the core of a self-conscious being with free will is the Conscious You, the conscious self which is the seat of free will and the seat of identity. And thus, it has the ability to either identify itself as the offspring of God or identify itself as a being who is rebelling against God.

Te conscious self is not a fallen angel—it simply is not possible. It is an individualization of God. Yet if the conscious self steps into that mold, that role, that state of consciousness, then it identifies itself as a fallen angel or as a being with a certain state of consciousness – whether it has the concept of a fallen angel or not – it identifies itself with that state of consciousness. And it expresses that in the material realm or wherever it appears. So it thinks that it could not be more than that consciousness. And therefore, it becomes stuck in that consciousness.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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