A community like that of the early followers of Christ

Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 11, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Take a look at yourselves as modern-day spiritual people. And then acknowledge, my beloved, that you have the potential to establish a modern-day version of the very community that was established by the first followers of The Way of Christ 2,000 years ago, after Jesus had made his ascension and we were left to carry on the flame that he brought. I, myself, was part of that early community, which of course mainstream Christianity see as the community of Christians.

But it truly was a community of those who realized, that we were followers of The Way, a new way, a universal way. A way that transcended Jew and Christian, and any other label that we human beings are so good at putting upon each other—as we said to ourselves back then. For we, too, realized, that the greatest problem on earth was division. And we saw that division back then in our society, where we saw the division between Jews and other ethnic groups, even though there was not the nation states back then that you have today.

But we very much saw that division between tribes, between peoples. And we saw that this was what we were called to rise above, for truly, what Christ came to show us was that behind all the outer divisions – beyond ALL of the outer divisions – is the universality, that we all came from the same source. And thus, we must find our way back to that inner recognition, where we realize, that we are more than the outer divisions, more than the outer forms, more than the outer manifestations. As this invocation so powerfully expresses—that you are more than your outer form.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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