4. Becoming a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The ego’s mission is to prevent the Conscious You from rediscovering and then abandoning the original choice to turn away from your spiritual teacher—the decision that gave birth to the ego. 

This decision was not made in the full clarity of the Christ consciousness. You were blinded by the duality consciousness, the consciousness of anti-christ. 

The Conscious You did not clearly see what the decision entailed, and it did not fully understand that its reasoning was based on dualistic thinking. 

The Conscious You believed its reasoning was sound and that the decision to turn away from the teacher was either justifiable, necessary, beneficial or its only option.

The ego will do anything in its power to prevent the Conscious You from projecting itself outside the ego’s illusions.

You are not a bad or evil person and you are not stupid. If the Conscious You knew better, it would do better. As long as the Conscious You looks at the world through the filter of dualistic logic, it cannot know better. It cannot see beyond the relative logic of anti-christ to see the absolute reality of Christ.

The essence of the duality consciousness is that the Conscious You creates its own “reality,” a world view that is centered around the illusion that created the ego.

The reality you experience in the material universe is shaped by the ego’s beliefs. The material universe acts like a mirror that reflects back to you whatever you send out.

This is a safety mechanism. When you have no contact with the teacher, your only way to learn is to see the consequences of your actions.

The Law of Free Will mandates that if you turn away from your spiritual teacher, you must be allowed to learn from your own actions. A spiritual teacher cannot interfere with your learning process until you decide to seek the teacher’s help.

The central human problem: 

  • Your ego has used the duality consciousness to create a mental image of what it thinks the world is like. 
  • The Conscious You is seeing the world through the colored glasses represented by the ego’s illusion. 
  • The Conscious You is projecting this world view into the cosmic mirror. 
  • The mirror can only reflect back what you send out.
  • Everything that comes back seems to affirm the ego’s world view.
  • Nothing in your life can change until you change what you are sending out by changing your consciousness.

You will inevitably create your own circumstances, and the choice is whether you create through the dualistic sense of identity defined by the ego or through your divine identity that is anchored in your I AM Presence.

If the Conscious You identifies with the mortal identity defined by the ego, you will believe you are a mortal, human being living in a limited world that makes your life a struggle.

Until the Conscious You begins to suspect that it is more than the ego, you will be unable to question the world view of the ego. Instead, you will try to interpret everything that happens to you in a way that reaffirms the ego’s world view. 

The mind of anti-christ uses relative logic, so you can twist almost anything in such a way that it proves what you want to believe.

God has built a safety mechanism into the material universe. If you use your co-creative abilities to create something that is out of alignment with  the creative intent of God, your creation will not be sustainable. 

Your life becomes a constant struggle to uphold the ego’s illusions. The more you seek to hold on to the illusions, the more you create a counter-force that seeks to break them down.

The Mother light is designed to in the short term reflect back what you are sending out and in the long term break down every structure that is not in alignment with God’s law. In order to uphold your ego’s illusions, you must seek to force the entire universe to conform to the ego’s world view.

One way or the other, you must learn that the ego’s world view is false. If you will not listen to a spiritual teacher, you must learn by hitting your head against the concrete wall of the universe.

There are forces that will do anything they can to prevent your personal awakening,. They have a very powerful weapon against you, namely the subtlety of the duality consciousness.

For the ego, God and God’s reality remain mental concepts that can be conceptualized but never experienced directly. The Conscious You can experience God directly, but only through the Christ consciousness.

As long as you look through the filter of the ego, you cannot experience God directly, meaning that you must settle for a description over the direct experience. 

If you cannot know reality through direct experience, you must “know” reality through a description and that description will inevitably be affected by the consciousness of separation. Otherwise, you would not need the description.

To the ego there is no such thing as an absolute truth, a truth that cannot be debated or has no opposite. 

The ego creates a mental image that portrays God as an incomplete being and God’s goodness is defined only in relation to its opposite. Goodness is no longer absolute; it is defined as the opposite of evil.

Many religious people assume that what they define as good is in alignment with God’s absolute goodness. This is the great illusion of the ages. 

When you see life through the consciousness of separation, you can never see God’s absolute reality and goodness. You see only a relative goodness,. You can define goodness in a way that seems to affirm the basic illusion that created your ego!

The essence of the relative logic is that when everything is relative, nothing can be proved or disproved in an absolute sense. It is not a matter of what is right and wrong; it is only a matter of who is “right and wrong.”

This gives a clear advantage to the beings who are most skilled in using the relative logic of the mind of anti-christ and who are the most willing to manipulate, lie and coerce in order to control others.

There is only one way out. You cannot use the mind of anti-christ to escape the consciousness of separation. 

You must realize that the ego has created a giant illusion in which everything appears to be relative—to the ego’s definition of reality. As long as you stay within the framework of this illusion, you can never escape the grips of the ego.

If you try to use the mind of anti-christ to outsmart the forces of anti-christ, how can you avoid becoming more involved with the mind of anti-christ?

You cannot out-reason the consciousness of anti-christ, for when everything is relative, there can be no final argument. 

The devil loves to have you engage him in an attempt to outsmart him, and he will even allow you to feel that you have won the argument. Yet the devil is not trying to prove himself right; he is only trying to keep you engaged in the consciousness of anti-christ.

You simply cannot win by engaging in the dualistic arguments of the ego. You can never make the ego see absolute truth, and instead you get pulled into a senseless argument of trying to prove the superiority of one dualistic description over another dualistic description.

“You have to quit to win.” You have to quit the dualistic struggle in order to win your Christhood. You can only be right with God when you stop trying to be right among men.


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