3. Fitting a Square Peg Into a Round Hole

The only path to an ongoing existence is the path of oneness whereby you come into oneness with your spiritual self, oneness with God.

The ego was born when you decided to leave the Path of Oneness.

The ego tries to create an eternal existence by using the energies of the material world. This is an impossible quest but the ego will never see this.

The ego is trying to build the false image that you can be saved without overcoming the ego. You can be saved by living up to certain requirements in this world.

The only way to oneness with God is to attain the Christ consciousness.

As long as you follow the path defined by the ego, you can never enter the kingdom of oneness.

Which part of “you” can escape the illusions of the ego and enter into oneness? It is the pure self, the Conscious You.

The Conscious You is what makes you aware that you exist, and it is also the part of you that makes conscious decisions.

The Conscious You came into the material world partly to experience this world and partly to help co-create it from the inside.

The Conscious You is meant to be the master of your lower being.

You are meant to make most decisions at the level of the Conscious You, under the direction of your I AM Presence and spiritual teacher.

When you lost your connection to your teacher, making decisions became painful. Thus, you started allowing the ego to make decisions for you.

 Many decisions are not made at the level of the conscious mind but are made through a subconscious process ruled by the ego. 

The ego is like a computer that is not able to think but has a sufficiently sophisticated programming to give the appearance that it can think.

The ego has created illusions that are like individual computer programs. Each program is designed to handle specific situations in life. When you encounter a particular situation, a program kicks in and takes over your reactions. You are no longer making conscious choices; it is all run by the computer of the ego.

The ego itself is like the operating system on a computer. The ego was born out of the decision to turn away from your teacher. The specific reasoning that the Conscious You used in order to justify turning away from the teacher became the core of your ego.

The ego will never question the validity of that decision. The ego is like a computer that can never question its operating system but will function according to its programming.

If the Conscious You replaced the decision to turn away from the teacher with a better decision, the ego would die.

The ego will do anything in its power to prevent you from ever uncovering and reevaluating the original decision that created the ego.

Many seekers are sincerely questioning aspects of their egos, but they have not yet seen behind the veil to start questioning the ego itself.

The first step towards overcoming the ego is to realize that there is more to “you” than the ego and its individual illusions.

The Conscious You is designed to make decisions and it makes those decisions based on its sense of identity.

The Conscious You is an individualization of God, but in time and space, the Conscious You is who it thinks it is.

The Conscious You has the ability to identify itself as absolutely anything it can conceive of and accept as real.

The Conscious You is designed to be a co-creator in the material universe, and it expresses its creative abilities through the filter of its sense of identity. 

Every decision the Conscious You makes is colored by the sense of identity. The Conscious You is never trapped in its sense of identity. 

The Conscious You has the ability to project itself anywhere it wants, meaning that it can also project its sense of self outside the identity built in this world. 

The ability to separate yourself from your current sense of identity is the key to all human progress.

Nothing binds the Conscious You to your current sense or identity—except your belief that there is nothing outside of it or that you cannot escape it.

The Conscious You can – at any moment – stop identifying itself with the ego, and this will make it easier to let go of the ego. This is spiritual rebirth.

The process of overcoming the ego is twofold. You must first establish a conscious connection to your I AM Presence so you know that you will not die when the ego dies.

The second step is to expand your awareness of the ego so you can see through its illusions.

The ego would prefer to keep you either denying or being indifferent to spiritual growth. But if it cannot achieve that, it will create a false path to salvation and make you absolutely convinced that by following this path, you will be saved.

The prince of this world and the ego have created an almost infinite variety of false paths where meeting outer requirements guarantees your salvation without having to let the ego die.

The true path is an inner path of changing your consciousness so you come into oneness with God.

The Conscious You is what it thinks it is, and you can at any moment change who you think you are. The ego and the prince of this world will try to make you believe you cannot change your mind.

God wants you to come home, and thus God wants you to change your mind so you can overcome the ego’s illusions. The ego wants to keep you trapped in a limited sense of identity—forever.

In the material universe, nothing is forever. Everything is created through a choice, and it will continue to exist only as long as you continue to affirm that choice.


Copyright © 2013 Kim Michaels