1. Spiritual Blindness – the Main Ego Challenge

Overcoming the ego is the central aspect of the spiritual path, no matter which outer teaching or tradition you follow.

The main challenge of the ego is that it distorts the way you “see” everything. The ego forms a filter that “colors” your perception. The ego is like wearing yellow glasses—without knowing you are wearing glasses.

Spiritual blindness is when people are convinced that because they belong to the only true religion or spiritual teaching they are guaranteed to be saved.

Most religious and spiritual people are following a path that cannot lead to salvation or higher consciousness.

Hypocrisy is when people are unwilling to change because they accept the illusions of their egos as reality.

To escape the spiritual blindness of the ego, you need to make contact with a mind that is beyond your own, namely the Christ mind. “Christ” being a universal term before it was distorted by the ego.

The Christ mind gives you a frame of reference. There is a reality outside the distorted perception of the ego. Use appropriate tools for strengthening your connection to your Christ self. Such tools are found on www.transcendencetoolbox.com.

You have a personal Christ self that is your contact point with the universal Christ mind. The Christ mind is always one with God’s reality.

The ego sees only a description or mental image. The Christ mind experiences the reality of God and thus has no need for a mental image.

The ego has taken away your direct experience of the Spirit of Truth. You can regain that experience only through your Christ self.

The ego was born when you lost your sense of connection to your source. The central problem you face is to get back to oneness with God.

The ego has created substitutes for the experience of oneness. The ego believes they are the same as oneness. You already know they are not the same or you would not be longing for something more than what the ego offers.

Any spiritual teaching is not the Spirit of Truth but only a description. The ego will seek to make you believe that following an outer teaching will get you to your goal. This is an illusion.

The central illusion of the ego is that you can enter a higher realm without letting the ego die. The ego can never make it to a higher realm, it can never make it to oneness.


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