Your potential to give service

Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 19, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Now, many of you have already done this throughout your lives, but I tell you, again, there are levels of awareness, where you become more and more aware of your potential to give service—not by using your own internal qualities alone, but by being the open door. For, do you see, my beloved, that while you are reaching up on the one side of the figure-eight, the lower figure, you are reaching up for the Spirit?

In the nexus you connect to it, and then comes the Omega thrust of bringing it down to serve all life. And then you become, as Jesus said, “I AM the open door, which no man can shut.” And therefore, do you see, how this ties together with my teaching about being non-attached to the reactions of other people?

For you must come to that point, where you know that you are the open door which no man can shut. [Neither] the man of your own ego can shut your door and cause you to withhold your light and your love and your service, nor the reactions of other people. Whether they reject you or ridicule you or whether they feel that they have put you down and won some petty victory of the dualistic self over you.

Do you see that you are not here to battle and engage them? You are here to simply stand and BE and radiate your light and demonstrate that whatever they throw at you cannot touch you, cannot change your self-image.

Do you see that this is what Jesus did to the scribes and pharisees and others? He demonstrated that whatever they threw at him, they could not engage him in the dualistic battle. He would simply be who he was—state the truth. You are not here to state it – all of you – the same way that you saw Jesus state it. But you are here to state and to radiate the light that you are, and to not allow any lower force to cause you to shut it off. That is the initiation that begins on the fifth ray. That is the initiation, the mindset that will bring you closer to healing. For you will only heal your lower being by reaching beyond the lower being and seeking to heal others, seeking to bring the light.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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