You cannot grasp Christ truth with the intellect

Ascended Master Jesus, April 6, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

As long as you think you are separate from God, you cannot enter God’s kingdom. Only at the moment you let that separate identity die—at that moment will you be in the kingdom. This is the reality that I had to express in veiled parables, for people were not ready to understand the deeper teachings. Perhaps you feel like you are not ready to understand them today. But I tell you again, your heart can understand it, if you are willing to listen and not override it with the intellect. I am deliberately giving you a teaching here which can seem confusing. And I do this to confound your intellect. Do not sit there and try to grasp this with the intellect. Do not sit there and think, “What did he really mean? What is he really saying? How can I fit this into my old belief system? How can I fit this into my mental box?”

This is what the scribes and Pharisees did. And that is why they always used the intellectual mind, the analytical mind, to compare it to something else. When I stood before them and gave them the Living Word, they would immediately compare what I said and did to something else in their tradition. And that is why – because of their attachment to that tradition – they had to reject me because I went too far beyond their tradition.

They used the excuse that I could not possibly be the Messiah, for if I represented God I would truly stay within the boundaries defined by the old word of God—the word of God in their scriptures. But you see, that word – the moment it was given in the physical octave, the moment it became written down – at that moment it became the dead word. And that is why they used the dead word to reject the Living Word. You can use a scripture to open your heart to the Living Word that comes to you from inside, and many people have done this to various degrees. I see constantly Christians who study the Bible and they have these “Aha” experiences, where they are open to the Spirit. And they do make progress, but I also see that these people have an attachment to certain doctrines that they believe are beyond questioning.

I can give them, the Holy Spirit can give them, insights that fall within the boundaries that they have set. But if the Holy Spirit tries to give them an insight that goes beyond those boundaries, then they will reject it as a false spirit. They will reject me as a false Christ—as they reject me on my website when they encounter it, and they encounter that all of a sudden this Jesus on this website is saying something beyond the Jesus they know from scripture or the Jesus their minister interprets for them, by having come up with a tradition that is now exactly the same dead tradition that the scribes and Pharisees used to reject me. Yet, they claim that this is the true tradition of Christ. And they use their dead tradition to reject the Living Christ once again.

Aah my beloved, I am getting ahead of myself. For this is the subject of my next discourse. And I will allow you time to digest this release before I go into the next one. But you should sense from my voice my eagerness to bring forth this teaching in the physical octave, where people can study it. And where – if they are willing – it can trigger that inner realization, where they realize that this is precisely what they always knew in their heart. And now because they recognize that, because they hear it spoken, they can say, “Ah I can let go of that outer source that denied the Living Christ, and now I can accept what I have always known in my heart.” So, my beloved, once again, thank you for your attention until I shall speak to you again, for I have much more to share with you from my heart of hearts.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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