You cannot ascend with impure perception

Ascended Master Serapis Bey, December 18, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

When you take a realistic look at the ascension process, you realize, that there is no possibility of hiding anything. And therefore, what is the requirement for you to even begin the ascension process? It is that you come to the conscious realization – and the conscious decision – that you do not want to hide anything. You have no longer the desire to hide anything from anyone, be it people on earth or the ascended masters.

There are many retreats of the ascended masters. I, Serapis, work in more than one retreat. I do not only work at Luxor, in the ascension retreat. As I said this spring at the conference in Lourdes, I am willing to work with any one at any stage of consciousness, at any stage of impurity, for I AM the master of purity. I do not judge and condemn anyone. I have no need to judge, for I AM one with purity. And the flame of purity that I AM will filter out those who are not willing to become pure. For they have impurities, that they are not done with experiencing, and so they want to hold on to that.

Do you see the essential difference here? So many human beings judge one another, and they do this by formulating a standard in their own consciousness. And then they say, “Those who live up to this standard are good people, and those who do not live up to this standard are bad people.” Depending on the standard, depending on people’s state of consciousness, they have now created a division among humankind. There are those who are human beings like themselves and those who are no longer human beings like themselves, but a kind of sub-humans or non-humans. Now you have created a division in your mind. Where does such a division come from? Does it come from the ascended consciousness? Or does it come from the unascended consciousness, the consciousness of duality?

As we have recently brought forth teachings on perception, I must tell you that these teachings contain the very key, whereby those who are willing can enter the ascension spiral—beginning right where they are. For you can realize, that what it will take for you to enter the ascension spiral is, that you begin to question your perception. No one has ever ascended with impure perception. For if you speak or act with perception impure, then suffering follows. You cannot enter the ascension spiral as long as you are suffering, as long as you are struggling against something or striving for some dualistic goal that is not the goal of God.

What is the goal of God? Is it to divide humanity into those who are good and those who are evil? Is it to single out certain individuals as being the scapegoat, as being the cause of all of your troubles—and then seeking to judge or condemn or destroy these individuals? Nay, this is not the goal of God. The goal of God is to raise up all life. The goal of God respects free will, so that those who are not willing to enter an ascending spiral must go to a lower sphere as one sphere ascends. But the goal of God is to raise up all life, and therefore God respects free will and also – as a result of that respect – does not condemn those who are not willing to enter the ascension spiral, for they want to have more experiences in the lower realms.

God has no need to condemn anyone. The Father judges no man, but has left all judgment to the Son. Only, the Son does not judge based on human value judgments, human conditions, dualistic conditions. The Son, in fact, does not judge with the analytical, linear mind. The Son simply IS the light, and the light does its work by facing people with a choice to either accept the light or to reject the light. Do you think that when Jesus confronted the scribes and the Pharisees, do you think it was his goal to go in and argue with them at the level of their dualistic consciousness, their linear, analytical minds, and convince them that his words were more right than their words? No, Jesus had no desire to split hairs with the scribes and Pharisees over interpretations of scripture. That was what they did with each other.

Jesus came to give those who were willing an opportunity to accelerate beyond that level of consciousness, and thus he did not come in with words. He did not argue with their words. He did not seek to come up with a better argument through words, that would invalidate or put down the other people. He sought to raise them up by being the Word. But beyond the words he spoke, the words that they could hear, there was a vibration, a love, a purity of the Christ consciousness, that gave them a choice that they had never had before, when they only encountered people who were arguing with words.

By encountering one person who had embodied the Word, they had the choice to either accept the Word or continue in their words, their endless arguments over this or that, or who said that or who said this, and who is right and who is not right, and why this sentence is in contradiction with what was said 255 years ago by this or that previous organization, or whether it was in contradiction with what was said yesterday. For the linear mind can always find contradictions, for the linear mind is one big contradiction, that can never resolve its own contradictions. You cannot resolve contradictions at the level of words. How do you resolve contradictions? By becoming the Word, by embodying the Word, where there is no darkness nor shadow of turning but only the one light of Christ.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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